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GOP House Called to Open Biden Investigation – Prominent Accuser Willing to Testify

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Now that Republicans control the House of Representatives, charges against the Biden administration and President Joe Biden himself are emerging from the woodwork.

Joe Biden has stated that he will compete for the White House again, although his mental and physical health has been questioned since he became president.

Elon Musk revealed the Twitter files about the internal censorship of the material discovered on the laptop of President Biden’s son Hunter Biden last week.

With addition to Joe Biden’s involvement in Hunter Biden’s business activities, there is information about the 2020 presidential race and how the Democrats exploited social media to push their agenda and crush opposition candidates. The material provides several arguments against the present president, his son, and other Democrats for people who seek the truth.

Now, however, it appears that some individual is now requesting a probe into another situation involving the president. Due to the shift in control of the House, an assistant who previously raised accusations against Joe Biden but was bullied into dropping them has resurrected her claim against the current president.

Independent Journal Review reported that a former staffer to Vice President Joe Biden wants the House of Representatives to launch a formal investigation into her accusations that Biden sexually abused her in 1993.

Tara Reade made waves in 2020 with her charges, which Biden and numerous Biden staff members disputed. In the face of a barrage of attacks on her credibility, against which she resisted, she finally scaled up her public efforts against Biden.

Now that the House is in Republican hands for the first time since she made her allegations public, she wants Republicans to conduct an investigation. “It would be a very different thing if I could testify under oath,” Reade said in a new interview with the Daily Caller. She said she would “provide whatever information [Congress] needed and [Congress] could ask me whatever questions they wanted. I think we need to have the conversation, instead of me being erased, and other women that were erased that tried to come forward,” Reade said.

After pinning Reade to a wall, Biden allegedly entered her with his fingers, according to Reade’s allegations. Although staff members from that era have stated that they do not recall any such occurrence, according to Reade, a proper investigation would reveal otherwise. If they were had to testify under oath, “had to go under oath, I think they would have to admit something very different,” Reade stated.

As a young assistant at the time, Read did not file charges. Reade stated that she abandoned her early efforts to pursue a lawsuit she filed due to intimidation. “I was 28 years old at the time, and the news was terrifying. It occurred at the outset of my political career, and it really silenced me,” Reade explained.

Republicans demonstrate support for Reade’s assertion. Colorado Republican Representative Lauren Boebert stated that she would support a formal investigation to determine the facts.

Support has also come from the Democratic side of the political spectrum, as well as from a Democratic leader in the House of Representatives.

According to Fox News, at the time Reade made her original allegations, Democratic Rep. Hakeem Jeffries of Next York, who will become the minority leader of the Democrats when the new Congress convenes, stated that the allegations required a thorough investigation.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

“It’s got to be taken seriously because this is a serious allegation raised by a serious individual and needs to be investigated seriously. We’ve probably got to hear from [Biden] at some point directly,” Jeffries said then. “I’m not really in a position to say what is the appropriate mechanism, although this needs to be taken seriously,” he said then. CONTINUE READING…

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