GOP Rep Introduces Bill That Would Make It a Lot Harder for House Leaders to Lie

According to a report in Western Journal, Republican representatives have proposed a bill to require members of Congress to wear body cams to better ensure honesty as they conduct Congressional business.

With the goal of reducing false accusations and increasing government transparency, Arizona’s Republican Rep. Paul Gosar introduced the bill earlier this week and referred to the benefits that body-worn cameras have provided law enforcement officials when false claims have been made against them.

The bill would mandate that politicians in both parties participate in the practice of recording their interactions.

Rep. Gosar issued a statement explaining that “Today, body-worn cameras already provide valuable evidence defending police officers from otherwise false and frivolous accusations,”.

He went on to say; “Occasionally, the police worn body cameras show a law enforcement error. There is further movement to put cameras in school classrooms. Too often what is really happening in our schools is hidden from parents.”

He also posted the resolution on Twitter.

Rep. Gosar also believes that body cam footage would provide evidence against claims that were hurled at Republicans after the events on January 6th.

He stated: “This trend to bring transparency and honesty should also apply to Congress,” and claimed that “several members of congress made false and defamatory allegations that other members of congress gave ‘reconnaissance tours’ on January 5.”

Body cam footage would have the ability to “rebut such defamation immediately”, insisted the representative, who has made requests to allow the security footage to be reviewed in order to prove the innocence of several people that were accused of criminal activity during the chaos.

Rep. Gosar also gave the example that, without witnesses or corroboration, Congressional members made statements that they were chased and forced into hiding and he believes that “A body camera would demonstrate the confabulation of such a story.”

The resolution proposed this suggests that the trial period begin with the leaders of the House of Representatives and the footage should be released for public viewing.

He stated: “That’s why today I introduced a resolution to create a pilot program that would require the leadership of the House of Representatives to utilize body-worn cameras and ensure that the cameras are activated while carrying out official business,” and included the important piece that “Footage from the cameras would be shared with the public.”

Rep. Gosar concluded that because public trust has hit a “near-historic low”, that “The best way to restore that trust is through total transparency and sharing with the American people what really happens in Washington, DC. Less secrecy from our leaders is a good place to start.”