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GOP Rep. Jordan Makes Massive Discovery in Biden Investigation

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Jim Jordan, a Republican from Ohio and chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, has positioned himself for a strong position in Washington, D.C.

Jordan asserts that he sought the post in order to combat the abusive and corrupt practices of the Federal government against the American people, and it appears that he has no intention of abandoning his investigations.

A large number of people are observing Jordan to see if it will offer the desperately needed changes to an out-of-control and armed government. And other individuals doubt that he will accomplish what is required.

In spite of tremendous pushback from the President and his administration to disregard the dirty crimes of the Biden criminal family, as so many Washington insiders have done for years, Jordan has stated that he would continue his inquiry into President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden.

Jordan spoke with Maria Bartiromo during a recent appearance on Fox News about the purported FBI “whistleblowers” who have supplied House Republicans with new information on a number of matters under consideration by the Judiciary Committee.

The Republican from Ohio also took advantage of the chance to discuss the Committee’s other main probes.

“Tell me about the whistleblowers. How many whistleblowers are you interviewing and are they going to come public?” Bartiromo inquired of Jordan.

“We’ve talked to three of them. Those are the ones we’ve actually who were willing to come public and sit down for a transcribed interview. There are actually a couple of dozen others who are having been willing to come public. They have met with our staff. Our staff has interviewed them,” Jordan replied, adding:

“But if they’re willing to come public, then we’ll do what we call a transcribed interview, similar to a deposition which is under oath. And you ask them questions, you get the transcript and everything else. Three of them have done that, and we’ve learned some very valuable information from those three, like what I just described that Mr. O’Boyle told us about how that threat tag was used and actually began to be turned and go after pro-lifers.”

He went on:

“We’re going to focus on the attacks on the First Amendment and a number of areas there, whether DHS and the Disinformation Governance Board, what we saw from the FBI coordinating and colluding with big tech to suppress information and shape and mold the narrative, we’re going to look at all that.

We’re also going to look at this disparate treatment, this different standard that we see from the FBI, where they treat pro-lifers one way and then protesters a different way in other areas as well. CONTINUE READING…

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