Greg Abbott orders National Guard to send migrants BACK!

Republican Governor Greg Abbott has made a move in Texas, after tremendous public pressure, to give law enforcement in the area a lot more power over the southern border.

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The week started in Texas with an unprecedented announcement from high-profile lawmakers, pundits, and judges declaring that a literal invasion was unfolding along the border. The week is now ending with what appears to be a head fake- from Abbott’s office, which is trying to appease people- yet many feel he is not going far enough to remedy the situation.

The press conference judges in border towns said to Abbott, as shown on Fox News:

“We asked the governor to do more. We said- Governor Abbott. We’re asking you to step up even more than you have. And give us the resources that we need,” one judge said.

“We’re asking for more assistance, the governor is doing what he can, I understand. But I think there’s more that can be done about from the federal system. And the state’s system we’re here today to ask for more support. I’m here to let you know that the invasion is real,” a second judge said.

“We were first to tell you that several Texas counties were set to declare the Border Surge and Invasion to further his plea for help one of the men you just saw. Can you come here?” a third judge chimed in.

Sheriff Brad Coe appeared on the Fox News show and said: “In my 37 years here in I have never seen it. Like this. I’ve never seen large groups walking through hand; the amount of smuggling going on is this time, president, if you declare an invasion, or if the governor declares an invasion and And support you in that. What happens? Then be honest with you, not really sure. Excuse me, with; we’re doing everything we can to, I’m doing everything I can to protect the people of the residents of my count. We’re declared this Invasion hopefully to get some relief from the governor’s office and hope for the federal government, we are entitled to this. But under the Constitution, to declare this Invasion when you’ve got groups are 400, people coming across in one shot is nothing but an invasion.

Yeah, I mean, clearly it’s the job of the federal government, but it’s federal government isn’t doing its job or is tying the hands of border patrol to do its job, then the state has to step up. It seems like Governor Abbott doesn’t want to create that moment that crises that constitutional crisis with the federal government.”

Thursday, it was announced that Abbott ordered the National Guard to send migrants BACK to the border when they are apprehended and if they have crossed illegally. Law enforcement was authorized to use state forces to apprehend and transport migrants to the U.S.-Mexico border.

‘This is actually a response to the overwhelming number of people who are coming across the border,’ Abbott told Fox News Thursday. Still, he stopped short of authorizing Texas troopers and National Guard members to take migrants across the ports of entry and into Mexico, which lead to criticism from people who are concerned about border issues.

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Since Democrat Joe Biden has been in the White House, border crossings hit a record high- reaching new heights again in May – overwhelming the border towns as people pass through and causing devastation for law enforcement and social services.

The Daily Mail reported on the announcement from Abbott and alluded to the idea that the conflict was over President Donald J. Trump- and not the actual amount of people crossing into our country who are being given an amnesty- and who are dragging many other people with them:

“That disappointed former Trump administration officials who for months have pressured Abbott to declare an ‘invasion’ and order state forces to forcibly take migrants out of the country.

But the action is still a significant and untested expansion of the normal powers of the National Guard and state police, who, until now have turned migrants over to Border Patrol agents and in some cases, made arrests on state trespassing charges. It raises questions over the training they have to detain and transport migrants and is likely to invite legal challenges.

Crossings are at or near the highest in about two decades. On the Texas border, U.S. authorities stopped migrants from crossing illegally 523,000 times between January and May, up from 417,000 over the same span a year ago.

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Abbott has blamed the Biden administration and spent more than $3 billion in state funds on a massive border security apparatus. But the state operation has not stemmed the flow of migrants.

‘What Texas is doing, we have taken unprecedented action to respond to this, including building a border wall, deploying the military, laying down military-grade razor wire, and now doing the unprecedented. And that is Texas law enforcement and National Guard, anybody they apprehend coming across the border illegally, they will be returning to the border,’ Abbott told Fox News.”

The Center for Renewing America, a conservative policy think tank, has been driving the effort and criticized Abbott’s order since it does not call for expelling migrants.