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Greg Gutfeld Recounts the Moment That Changed His Life Forever

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Fox News commentator Greg Gutfeld discussed a significant time in his life that few of his viewers had likely heard about in an environment packed with drink and cigar smoke while chatting with comedian Bill Maher.

The late night ratings king interrupted a filthy talk about relationships and locker room subjects to describe how he met his wife, model and photo editor Elena Moussa.

Sunday’s episode of Maher’s podcast “Club Random with Bill Maher” featured Gutfeld’s account.

“It was my first day on the job at Maxim UK, but we had a meeting in Portugal with all the Maxim [magazines],” Gutfeld said, at about the 45:40 mark of the video below.

WARNING: The video includes graphic language, including copious use of the “f-word,” that may disturb some viewers.

Gutfeld stated that Moussa was the picture editor of the Russian Maxim at the time. He was immediately captivated.

“She was 21, I was 39. Her hotel room was next to mine. Which shows you how lazy I am. But I met her, and I go, ‘that’s my wife,’” he said.

“I just knew it! I just knew it. And I spent three days in Portugal trying to talk to her.”

The comedian ultimately gave up and made new arrangements for a wild night out on the town with his Czech and Russian coworkers when his initial attempts failed.

Yet, while Gutfeld was leaving the hotel, he decided to make one more try to earn her affection.

“And as I left, I saw her — and I figured I’d give her one more shot.”

“I go, ‘you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.’”

Although though it may not have appeared so, the comedian’s swing for the fences (or long kick for the goalposts, since he was in Europe) was successful.

“I’ll never forget — she goes, ‘I’d expect something better from Greg Gutfeld,’” he said.

Gutfeld discovered that Moussa was a reader of his Maxim pieces for a Russian Men’s Fitness journal.

Gutfeld quickly canceled a night out with his coworkers in order to spend time with the lady who would eventually become his wife.

“We had our first date in Paris, and in three months we were married,” Gutfeld said.

The liberal and conservative media figures discussed issues such as woke culture, phone addiction, and their careers in comedy on the expansive podcast with Maher and Gutfeld.

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