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Gunmen Storm Newsroom LIVE on Air – Take Hostages

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A violent anarchy has engulfed the South American nation of Ecuador, as exemplified by the assault of a television station while it was in the midst of transmission.

According to The New York Times, the occurrence at TC Television in Guayaquil was a component of an increase in violence that coincided with the emancipation of a significant gang commander and the transformation of prisons into battlegrounds between gangs vying for control of the facilities and guards attempting to reclaim authority.

Journalists were compelled to create a video in which they begged President Daniel Noboa not to intervene while being held captive.

A lone armed assailant who stormed the station demanded a microphone so he could warn the public about the repercussions of “messing with the mafias.”

The police subsequently arrived and recovered weapons and explosives while apprehending thirteen individuals.

“Thank God, we are alive, because it was an extremely violent attack,” Jorge Rendon, deputy director of the news program that was broadcast during the gunfire, told Reuters.

The gunmen “shot one of our cameramen in the leg, broke the arm of another one. The police came in minutes, surrounded the TV station and the tactical units intervened,” he said.

The Times reported that as of Tuesday afternoon, five hospitals were under the control of cartels and violence had claimed eight lives in Guayaquil, the largest city in Ecuador.

Following his inauguration the previous year, Noboa proclaimed “internal armed conflict” and designated over twenty groups as terrorist organizations, thereby authorizing the armed forces to pursue them.

According to CNBC, Noboa stated, “I have ordered the Armed Forces to carry out military operations to neutralize these groups.”

More on this story via The Western Journal:

Guillaume Long, former foreign minister of Ecuador, said Tuesday that security in the country had spun “out of control.”

“Ecuador ended 2023 with the highest murder rate in LatAm. But today the situation spiralled out of control: jail breaks, simultaneous attacks, gunmen storming TV studio live on air,” he said in a social media post. CONTINUE READING…

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