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Gutfeld Drops Surprise Bomb About Trump’s Future Live On Fox News

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The notion of popularity is a widely acknowledged and recognized concept in modern society. It pertains to the assessment offered by Fox News host Greg Gutfeld regarding former President Donald Trump, wherein he predicts that as time passes beyond the 2020 election, the Republican candidate for the presidency will become progressively more favorable in light of the impending electoral rivalry with President Joe Biden.

Gutfeld posits that President Trump might predicate his campaign on a strong domestic economy marked by minimal inflation, alongside his endeavors to foster harmonious international relations, with the ultimate goal of averting the occurrence of a third World War.

“Weird and amazing: the further away we get from Trump 2020, the closer he gets to the White House in 2024. Everything that he’s done just looks better and better, between inflation, home prices, a hot war, a cold war, a broken border, decimated cities. It makes you dream of a strong country whose only problem was an intelligentsia plagued by mean tweets and crass jokes,” Gutfeld surmised.

“We lost Trump because the media preferred peace of mind over actual peace,” he snarked.

President Biden is presently confronted with a sequence of arduous news cycles, which Greg Gutfeld hypothesizes might inspire apprehension in him concerning the possibility of contending with former President Trump. This concern emerges in response to the decreasing poll ratings that the Democratic Party and the general public are experiencing. Significant changes have transpired since the conclusion of the Israel-Hamas conflict, with the majority of Democrats now expressing more compassion for the Palestinians than for the Israelis. In addition, younger progressive electors are expressing considerable skepticism regarding President Biden’s viability for a second term.

President Biden is especially apprehensive regarding the potential hindrance that his advanced age could impose on his eligibility for a second term. At present 80 years old, the incumbent is nearing the conclusion of his inaugural tenure as president of the United States, thereby attaining the distinction of being the eldest person to occupy this office. A second term in office would require him to reach the age of 86, which would be deemed an advanced age for a president, should he be reelected. The subject under consideration is presently undergoing a series of incidents that are widely recognized as “senior moments.” These moments are distinguished by public demonstrations of cognitive lapses, including but not limited to losing track of one’s thoughts, having trouble locating scheduled meetings, and encountering awkward situations. Furthermore, the situation is further propagated via social media platforms and the 24-hour news cycle. Aides to the president have made adjustments to the staircases and footwear to prevent accidents, which have raised concerns among voters regarding the competence of a world leader who often falls asleep while performing official responsibilities.

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