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Hannity Infuriates Audience LIVE On Fox With One Ridiculous Question

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Fox News host Sean Hannity received a weak response when he explicitly questioned Rep. James Comer, chairman of the House Oversight Committee, about his ability to substantiate claims that President Joe Biden engaged in a bribery conspiracy.

Rep. Dan Goldman, a New York Democrat and member of the House Oversight Committee, has made a strong case that Devon Archer, Hunter Biden’s former business associate, and his testimony on Monday support Joe Biden and the Biden White House.

Comer issued a statement accusing President Biden of deceiving the American people when he said he was unaware of and uninvolved in his son’s business activities. Comer did not provide details from the testimony beyond the existence of the phone calls and Hunter Biden’s efforts to promote “the brand” of his father’s relationship with him.

Representative Jim Jordan characterized the meeting as “productive.”

On Monday night’s episode of Fox News’ Hannity, however, both of the leaders of the Biden investigation spoke extensively with host Sean Hannity, summarizing a well-known list of charges against Joe Biden and insisting once more that Archer’s testimony proves the president lied — in contrast to Goldman’s account of the testimony’s specifics.

When Hannity asked for a clear “yes” or “no” regarding if they would be able to back up their claims, he received “hope” and “smoke” in response:

Here’s the transcript:

SEAN HANNITY: I tell you, and this is why the Republicans have one half of one house. The government, one branch of government is so critical because these investors would all get covered up. And both of you put your neck on the line to get to the truth. And we went a long way today. And this. Will you both a, answer yes or no? Do you believe that this is now officially the Joe Biden bribery allegation? And do you believe that you will be able to prove that? Jim Comer.

REP. COMER: I sure hope so. And I do believe that there’s a lot of smoke. And where there’s smoke, there’s fire. We just heard testimony today that Joe Biden had lied to the American people.

SEAN HANNITY: Jim Jordan, do you believe that? And do you believe that the DOJ has been helping to cover it up? CONTINUE READING…

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