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He Never Had a Chance – “We Build the Wall” Leader Tim Shea Convicted by Obama Judge in New York City Kangaroo Court

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Tim Shea of We Build the Wall was convicted yesterday in another kangaroo court in New York City before an Obama-appointed judge. Shea is expected to file an appeal because the DOJ concealed evidence that might have exonerated him.

In the United States, the walls of justice have crumbled. When will Americans realize that Obama’s judges and the Department of Justice do not represent justice? For the majority of God-, family-, and country-loving Americans, the Department of Justice and certain judges symbolize injustice.

FOX News in Colorado reported:

A Colorado businessman was convicted Friday of charges that he and others siphoned hundreds of thousands of dollars from an online fundraiser to build a wall along the U.S. southern border despite a promise to donors that every cent would go toward building the wall.

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Timothy Shea stared straight ahead without reaction as he was convicted in Manhattan federal court of two conspiracy counts and an obstruction of justice charge by a jury that deliberated about six hours after a one-week retrial. He said nothing when he was asked to comment as he left the building. Sentencing was set for Jan. 31.

Another jury deadlocked on charges in the spring after 11 jurors wrote a note to the judge to say one juror had accused the others of being politically biased and suggesting the trial should be held in the South.

This is the fourth member of We Build the Wall to be indicted by the Southern District of New York (SDNY) Department of Justice. Members of We Build the Wall who independently gathered funds and constructed four miles of wall along the southern border.

The attorneys at the SDNY are not located along the southern border of the United States, and they are likely more concerned about the construction of the wall than anything else.

This is another another egregious injustice perpetrated by the modern DOJ.

Yesterday, we reported on the trial, reporting that a key occurrence occurred prior to the trial. Obama Judge Analisa Torres did not permit the sharing of papers from the earlier trial. These records absolve Shea of any misconduct. The judge also excluded several witnesses who may have corroborated Tim’s work.

According to many who analyzed the case, the Obama judge and the Department of Justice appeared to be cooperating to convict Shea. By concealing evidence that might have exonerated Shea, the judge obstructed justice.

Americans are aware that the DOJ is as crooked as ever. Yesterday’s conviction was another another anti-American witch hunt.

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