Fox News reports Jimmy Kimmel lambasted Trump for campaigning after he recovered from the coronavirus.

“Trump did about an hour of material in Florida and he killed – he really killed,” he said on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Tuesday.

“We have to wait two weeks to see how many he killed but he definitely killed.”

“So no one’s getting the virus at Joe Biden’s rallies, meanwhile the president is doing a cross-country Corona-Palooza tour,” he joked.

So, are we just going to ignore the fact that President Trump’s supporters are able-bodied adults who have the right to make their own decisions?

Or are we going to continue acting like Trump is this killing mastermind puppeteer of all who support him?

Plus, how is a rally any different than being crowded like cattle at your local Wal-Mart? So stupid.

All the while, Biden is holding virtual and drive-in rallies… for tens of people.

Let it go, Kimmel.

Y’all are losing immeasurably.

More from Fox News:

Although the president has reportedly tested negative for the coronavirus and White House physicians maintain he is no longer contagious, Kimmel jabbed Trump for holding mask-less rallies in Pennsylvania and Florida and potentially spreading the illness to his supporters.

He also discussed Trump’s rally in Pennsylvania, joking that the president seemed to be “on something” despite claiming to be off COVID-19 medication and was “feeling little droplets of love in the air.”

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