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Hezbollah Chief Makes Alarming Threat To U.S.

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Despite the escalating conflict in the Middle East, neither Congress nor the Biden White House have issued an official declaration that the United States is at war; however, the dangers are unmistakable.

Amidst the global outburst of anti-Israel demonstrations, particularly in prominent democratic nations such as the United States, France, and the United Kingdom, terrorist organizations and Hamas supporters are openly expressing their stance and motivations.

Those who oppose Israel and support the Hamas militants are highlighting the origins of the aid Israel is receiving. The Hexbollah chief assigns responsibility to the United States and issues a warning.

Chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah asserts that Lebanon has been embroiled in the conflict since October and that the United States unequivocally supports Israel. He further justifies his readiness to confront the United States military by stating that the international community is obviously divided.

Daily Fetched reports:

Hezbollah chief, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, warned of a major escalation on Israel’s border with Lebanon, announcing that the Jewish state is “now on more than one front” while making a threat to American warships.

Nasrallah lauded Hamas’s lethal assault on Israel last month, which he referred to as the Alaqsa Flood, describing it as a “glorious jihadi operation” that caused a “earthquake” in the Jewish state.

He stated that Israel’s actions and the situation in Gaza will determine the escalation.

“For a whole month, Israel could not offer a single military achievement,” Nasrallah said, adding that Israel can only get back hostages through negotiation.Nasrallah went on to claim his terror group had ‘entered the battle on October 8.’

“Some claim we are about to engage in the war. I am telling you, we have been engaged in this war and battle since October. The Islamic resistance and Lebanon started operations the very next day,” he said.

Since the October 7 massacre, which sparked concerns that Hamas was about to enter a larger conflict, this was the leader’s initial address.

As supporters unfurled the yellow flag of Hezbollah and the leader addressed thousands in Beirut from an unidentified location, celebratory gunfire erupted.

He described the conflict in Gaza as “decisive” and stated that it had two objectives: to halt aggression against Gaza and to secure victory for Hamas.

The non-Muslim world was appalled by the October 7 massacre of citizens at a music festival, and Nasrallah, who simultaneously glorifies and denies any connection to the Hamas attack, maintains this stance. He attributes the error, however, to the United States.

The Daily Mail reported:

He [Nasrallah] added that the on-going conflict is purely a Palestinian issue, and has no relation to any regional issue, and denied any Hezbollah involvement in the attack. “This glorious, blessed large-scale operation [is] a hundred percent Palestinian in terms of decision and execution,” he said. “The Palestinians had kept it secret.”

Turning to the United States, Nasrallah said America was ‘entirely responsible’ for the Hamas attack, and said groups in Iraq and Syria were ‘wise’ to attack US bases, and said the Islamic Resistance in Iraq was starting to ‘take its responsibility.’

He stated that Hezbollah was not alarmed by the two American warships stationed in the Mediterranean, in response to the United States’ suggestion that it might attack Hezbollah targets if the organization became embroiled in the conflict.

“We are well prepared for US warships as well,” the Hezbollah chief said.

Daily Fetched continues that earlier in Nasrallah’s speech, he thanked the “Iraqi, Yemeni hands that joined this battle” and celebrated pro-Palestinian protests. “We must salute all those who took to the street in support and solidarity with the Palestinians from all over the world,” he said.

Nasrallah also thanked ‘martyrs’ killed along the border. “Those fallen martyrs are alive in God’s paradise,” he said.

As he speaks, both Israel and Lebanon are engaged in combat. The ongoing conflict in the region is evidenced by reports that Hexbollah fired a “Burkan” missile at an Israeli Defense Force post today.

Al Jazeera reports that “Israeli Air Force has significantly stepped up its attacks in Lebanon. REports of 10 attacks by Israeli warplanes along the border in southern Lebanon against Hexbollah headquarters and warehouses.”

The Lebanese Foreign Minister Abdullah Bou Habib stated, ” We cannot afford a dispute against Hexbollah because it will lead to a civil war. If you have to choose between a civil war and a regional war, a regional war is better. A civil war is protracted, while in a regional war the UN Security Council will intervene quickly.”

But Deputy Secretary-General of Hexbollah, Sheikh Naim Quassem has stated: “We will remain united and we will pay the appropriate prices in the way we deem appropriate. We will not respond to anyone;s rules, and we have one rule, which is that Palestine will be liberated with all our might.”

Undoubtedly, the global community is engaged in some capacity in the intensifying struggle for Israel’s survival.

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