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Hillary Clinton Fan Page Loses One-Third of Membership, Then Gets Worse News

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Hillary Clinton was formerly viewed as the rising star of American politics and the Democratic Party, and she was promoted as the first woman to become president of the United States.

But, in 2016, Hillary, who many believed would be the next president, was defeated by Donald Trump in a stunning electoral setback.

Since then, the political fortunes of this once-promising candidate have significantly deteriorated, and Hillary Clinton has become something of a laughingstock; even liberals have grown weary of her.

This week, we witnessed yet another instance of Clinton’s declining popularity.

The New York Post reported on Friday that the Pantsuit Nation Facebook group (named for Hillary Clinton’s distinctive fashion appearance) has declared that it would disband in the coming days.

Pantsuit Nation, founded by Libby Chamberlain, made news in the run-up to the 2016 presidential election as an underground feminist organization that urged and motivated Clinton supporters to vote.

When Chamberlain left Pantsuit Nation in 2019, the group was bought by Supermajority, a feminist political organization.

Pantsuit Nation had 4 million members at its peak, but that number has since decreased by roughly a third to 2.8 million. Now, perhaps as a result of the diminishing amount of visitors, Supermajority has declared that they would be closing down the page.

“Earlier today, the organization that now manages the group announced that Pantsuit Nation will be shut down within the next two days,” Chamberlain announced on Facebook.

Naturally, many of its remaining members expressed shock at the announcement. Group moderator Itale Watie wrote, “None of us could ever imagine our exit like this, when we worked so hard to build a platform of truth and transparency. I know ya’ll want answers but as it is, none of us have them and we are doing our best to receive answers from the powers that be.”

For its part, Supermajority is explaining the decision by saying it is exploring other ways to mobilize the female vote. “Over the past several weeks and months, we have taken stock of our work, particularly focusing on our success in 2022, and developed a strategic approach to best position Supermajority to build women’s political power in 2023,” interim director Taylor Saditch said.

Clearly, the closure of this Facebook group is awful for Hillary Clinton, but this comment from Supermajority speaks to a larger storyline that makes matters worse for her: the 2016 female voting base is diminishing and deserting her.

In 2016, feminists turned out in large numbers to support Hillary Clinton as the first female president and a president who would preserve women’s rights. Since then, however, feminism has seen profound changes.

Feminists and women’s rights activists find it difficult to reconcile feminism with the extreme trans agenda that has come to dominate the left and the Democratic Party.

Voters interested about women’s rights will be understandably alarmed by the transgender agenda’s invasion of women’s areas. It permits males in women’s restrooms, putting their safety at danger, and it permits men in women’s sports, robbing them of chances.

It will be difficult for feminist voters to support a candidate from a party that permits the removal of women’s rights and spaces in the name of transgender ideology.

In conclusion, the fall of Pantsuit Nation demonstrates that the mindset that drove Hillary Clinton to the 2016 Democratic candidacy is progressively fading away. This, in turn, suggests that Hillary Clinton’s political career is likely to end in disgrace.

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