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Hillary Clinton Rushed by Ambulance to Emergency Room

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Yesterday, Monday afternoon, a medical emergency unfolded rapidly within an hour. Hillary Clinton, the wife of former President Bill Clinton, was taken by ambulance from their residence in Chappaqua, New York, to a nearby hospital’s emergency room.

According to sources, Hillary “was fine one minute, and in serious difficulty the next minute.” Yesterday, the Hal Turner Radio Show revealed in an exclusive report that additional details regarding the sudden and life-threatening event were not made public.

Hillary is no stranger to medical emergencies, as she appeared to experience a succession of concerning health-related issues while running against Donald Trump for president in 2020. She did her best to conceal what appeared to be an evolving condition that was never addressed publicly, resulting in many concerns and rumors due to the secrecy of what she appeared to be concealing.

Hillary was on her way to the emergency room following her horrifying collapse at the September 11 memorial ceremony in order to conceal the details of her medical care during her 2016 campaign. The New York Post reported that she took a detour to her daughter Chelsea Clinton’s home to avoid attention.

According to sources, Secret Service protocol required the Democratic presidential nominee to be transported to a state-designated Level I Trauma Center following this health emergency. That would be Manhattan’s Bellevue Hospital.

According to the source, a campaign operative changed strategy to prevent Clinton from being visited by medical personnel who might divulge information to reporters.

A second source added that the Secret Service whisked Clinton away from Ground Zero before the NYPD unit that was supposed to accompany her in the van could arrive.

The source claimed that the NYPD denied the former secretary of state’s request to not be escorted, even though she had told police officers she did not want one.

This is not the first time she has required emergent medical care, and we now know it won’t be the last, as her enigmatic condition(s) appear to persist. Blood blockages, for which she was hospitalized in the past, are known to have plagued her in the past.

BBC News reported in December of 2012 that, “US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been admitted to hospital in New York with a blood clot, officials say.”

“Mrs. Clinton suffered a concussion earlier this month after fainting and falling down.”

“At the time, she was reported to have had a stomach virus and to have passed out after becoming dehydrated.”

Details of the medical emergency that occurred on Monday, June 12, 2023 are still being revealed. Please look back if Clinton and her team make any public statements or information regarding this matter.

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