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Hillary Clinton’s Criticism Of ‘Open Border’ Under Biden Is A Sign She Will Run For President In 2024

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As the midterm elections approach and people focus on the national senate and house races, speculation about the 2024 presidential contenders begins to circulate on the periphery of the discourse.

The Senate elections are close, but Republicans anticipate to defeat Democrats in the House, and the next round of campaigning will be for the presidency.

President Joe Biden’s popularity has been declining since he assumed office. His ratings have plummeted due to signs of physical weakness, errors when speaking that throw doubt on his mental health, and terrible calls. Biden has stated that he would run for president in 2024, but insiders are shaking their heads and others are flatly denying this.

Polls, including a recent ABC News study, indicate that just 35 percent of left-leaning voters would accept Joe Biden as the Democratic nominee in 2024, but more than half of the same group would choose someone else.

Some prominent liberals have made public declarations signaling their plans to run for office, suggesting that the Democrats are preparing other candidates. The California governor Gavin Newsome, Bernie Sanders, AOC, and others are surrounded by rumors.

This past week, President Biden made a statement implying that Vice President Kamala Harris is a potential candidate.

Biden highlighted Harris and her Jewish husband Doug Emhoff during his remarks at an event in Washington marking the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah.

Emhoff spoke about the Jewish community and then returned the platform to the president after mentioning that he is both the first “Second Husband” and the first Jewish “Second Spouse.”

Biden said, “And Doug is correct. You’re the first, but you won’t be the last, says Kamala. “Kamala won’t be the last woman to be Vice President – or President,” to which the audience applauded, hinting that Harris may be added to the extensive line of Democratic presidential candidates.

Now there is more evidence that a contender is preparing to run.

As stated in Biz Pac Review:

Political consultant Dick Morris says he is seeing, “more and more signs” that are pointing toward one candidate he sees “dusting off Bill’s playbook…”

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

Those familiar with Morris know him for being an advisor to former President Bill Clinton. So, as he joined WABC’s John Catsimatidis on Sunday as part of “Cat’s Roundtable,” it came as little surprise when he revisited his prediction that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton may be eyeing a third crack at the presidency.

After suggesting the week prior that “some crazy radical like Gavin Newsom, Bernie Sanders…even AOC herself,” might be at the forefront of Democrats’ choices, the pundit chimed in ahead of the 45-minute mark in the audio below with recent comments that he assessed, “are all signals that she is gonna be the moderate candidate for president.” CONTINUE READING…

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