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Hispanic Voters Stun MSNBC – ‘We’re for God, family, and hard work…Voting Red”’

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Just as economic statistics have been indicating for months, Hispanics are no longer mindlessly adopting the Democrat Party’s talking points, which might mean catastrophe for the November midterm elections.

No one should be surprised that Hispanics are departing the party of economic catastrophe; even in the spring, it was clear that the Democratic Party was headed for trouble:

“In the wake of a recent NBC News/Telemundo poll that could be a bad omen for Democrats in the rapidly approaching midterms and beyond, MSNBC’s José Díaz-Balart hit the road in the southwest to get a feel for where Latino voters stand on the issues as well as their continued affection for the party,” Biz Pac Review reported, adding:

“According to the poll, there was a jump in support from Hispanics in favor of a GOP-controlled Congress with 33 percent or one-third in support of handing the keys over to the adults, up 5 percent from two years ago.”

“When you go to vote in November,” Díaz-Balart inquired of one Latino woman, Marissa Morentin of Phoenix. “Are you gonna be a doubtful voter?”

“I’m a doubtful voter now,” she replied, adding that as a voter, she felt “taken advantage of.”

Carolina Rodriguez-Greer, the state director in Arizona for the advocacy group Mi Familia Vota, a civic engagement organization, stated, “We’re not just going to vote blindly in one particular direction, we’re going to vote in the direction of folks who are going to be paying attention to the issues that are important to us.”

“I feel like the Democratic national party looks at my demographic and assumes that I’m going to vote for them. I’m a Latina woman, that has historically been the party’s bread and butter,” Morentin said.

Daz-Balart stated that according to the study, the cost of living is one of the most important factors for Latino voters.

“We see that prices are through the roof,” said Rodriguez-Greer, adding, “and we want to know what people are gonna do to help put that burden down.”

Former Democrats Jose Arreola and Maria Batres of El Paso, Texas, who now support Republicans due to their party’s radical ideals, were also interviewed.

“Maria,” asked Díaz-Balart. “You were a Democrat and you are now a Republican, why?”

She stated, “Because the fact that the Democratic Party has changed a lot, and I identify more with the Republican Party.”

Batres said, “We’re for God, country, family, and hard work,” when asked what she was alluding to.

Arreola, who “also used to vote blue,” stated that he is most worried about immigration and border security, two subjects that the Democratic Party ranks very low on its priority list.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

“The fact of the matter is we don’t feel safe anymore,” he said.

MSNBC showed the truth of the poll in a recent segment, showing the drastic changes in the area:

MSNBC host started out the segment saying, “There were 36 days until the midterm elections. So we’re going to take a closer look at Latino voters who make up the nation’s largest minority voting bloc and a new NBC News Telemundo poll finds some of them are changing which party, they support a shift that could determine who takes control of Congress later after next month’s vote. CONTINUE READING…

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