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Home Plate Umpire Suspended Indefinitely After Call That Left Batter Screaming

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There are moments when a missed call in sports is so terrible, so mind-numbing, and so incomprehensible that even the most casual sports fans must cringe in disgust.

Reportedly, such calls might also result in an indefinite suspension.

A collegiate baseball umpire learned this the hard way after he blew an outrageously awful second-strike call, then made an even worse third-strike call.

To be fair to the Southland Conference umpire, these two shockingly awful strike calls occurred during a game in which the University of New Orleans Privateers defeated the Mississippi Valley State Delta Devils by a score of 7-3, thus the game was not very close.

Yet, this does not improve the two missed calls.

These are the types of calls that call into question the integrity of the official (particularly with the rise of sports betting in the United States), but you may decide for yourself below.

Davon Mims, an outfielder for the Delta Devils, was at the plate in the top of the ninth inning with two outs. Even if a Mississippi Valley State comeback was improbable, it was not inconceivable, so you can understand Mims’s frustration with the strike-two ruling.

This transparent ball looked to have touched the ground. As the umpire ruled a strike, a dejected Mims jumped around before pointing to the divot left in the dirt by the baseball.

That was a poor decision, and Mims had made his point. Certainly, he would have a fair shot at this improbable comeback with his next at-bat.

This swing never arrived.

The umpire, seemingly using the most generous strike zone in the world, ruled a game-ending third strike on a pitch that was so blatantly down and out that the commentator began referring to it as such before exclaiming, “Oh my gosh! Wow!”

Mims pursued the umpire, yelling over the missed call, until his catcher intervened and prevented him from exacerbating the situation.

More on this story via The Western Journal:

Social media reactions were swift, ranging from people aghast at one of the very worst calls they had ever seen, perhaps ever, to bewildered amusement.

The Southland Conference was not nearly as amused with the horrific calls, and released a statement announcing the suspension of the offending umpire, Reggie Drummer. CONTINUE READING…

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