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HOT TAKES: Hilarious Liberal Meltdown Over Who Elon Musk Sat Next to at Super Bowl

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Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and Twitter, was spotted at the Super Bowl and mentioned by Fox broadcasters.

But it was those he was seated with on the left that sparked a nuclear meltdown once they watched the footage.

Announcer Kevin Burkhardt declared, “Well, you’ve got some brilliant minds in that photo — Rupert Murdoch, Elizabeth Murdoch, Elon Musk.”

“Rupert pays our checks too, so that’s always good,” Burkhardt said.

Rupert Murdoch’s daughter, Elizabeth Murdoch, was on the left, animatedly conversing with Musk, while Murdoch’s girlfriend, Ann-Lesly Smith, was on the right in the video.

At this point, I believe Musk simply enjoys taunting leftists, knowing that such things give them apoplexy. When he traveled to the World Cup and sat in a box with Qataris, they went into orbit. However, the left mistook it for a covert meeting with Saudis.

I wouldn’t put too much stock in who someone is talking to/sitting with at a public event. Donald Trump has at least a few of photos with the Clintons and other persons with whom he would have no political ties. But I find it amusing how much the left melted down since they were sitting together. The Musk and Murdoch video was also played immediately before an advertisement for Greg Gutfeld’s show, which called him “King of Late Night.” That drove many on the left insane as well.

Immigrants are terrible if they become citizens of the United States but do not vote liberal.

The MSNBC man is annoyed because Fox has higher ratings than his network.

This is what they all sounded like.

When someone postulated what they were talking about, “wrong answers only,” Musk said that they were talking about dogecoin.

Musk attended the ceremony sporting a dogecoin tee.

To be honest, Elizabeth Murdoch seemed to be chatting to him so much that I’m not sure Rupert got a word in edgewise.

But if liberals are wondering why Musk has shifted to the right, they should consider how much they’ve politicized everything, including turning two affluent people sitting next to each other at a sporting event into some nefarious gathering aimed to ruin the globe. Examine yourself in the mirror to see how far you’ve pushed chaos. They will not do so since it would need honesty and contemplation. But this is why erstwhile lefties like Musk are shifting to the right.

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