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House Majority Leader Steve Scalise Announces Cancer Diagnosis After ‘A Few Days of Not Feeling Like Myself’

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Rep. Steve Scalise, the second-ranking House Republican, announced on Tuesday that he has been diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a form of blood cancer, and is undergoing treatment.

Scalise, 57, stated that he will remain in the House.

He stated that the malignancy was “very treatable” and that it had been detected early.

In 2017, the Louisiana Republican was among those injured when a leftist with a rifle opened fire on legislators on a baseball field in Alexandria, Virginia, outside of Washington.

Scalise was struck in the hip and endured protracted hospitalizations, multiple surgeries, and excruciating rehabilitation after suffering a gunshot wound.

The House majority leader stated that he had not felt like himself for the past week prior to receiving the cancer diagnosis.

Blood tests revealed irregularities, and after additional screening, he was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, he explained.

“I have now begun treatment, which will continue for the next several months,” Scalise said in a statement. “I expect to work through this period and intend to return to Washington, continuing my work as Majority Leader and serving the people of Louisiana’s First Congressional District.”

The congressman also thanked his medical team and said he was “incredibly grateful we were able to detect this early and that this cancer is treatable.”

“I will tackle this with the same strength and energy as I have tackled past challenges,” Scalise said.

Numerous coworkers sent him well wishes via social media.

Scalise is in his ninth term in the House.

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