House Wants To Ban Insider Trading!

I guess we have good news to report!

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It seems that the move to ban insider trading could get pushed through with a bi-partisan effort.

A well-known insider trading person herself, Nancy Pelosi, supports this ban which bans members of Congress from trading stock.

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Check this out:

But Pelosi puts stipulations on this! She calls this ban to be government-wide.

Fox News reported:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said Wednesday the House is making progress on legislation to curb stock tradings in Congress, but added that she’s insisting any stock legislation apply to the Supreme Court too.

“It has to be government-wide,” Pelosi said Wednesday of the criteria she wants to see in any stock legislation.

“The third branch of government, the judiciary, has no reporting,” Pelosi added at a Capitol news conference. “The Supreme Court has no disclosure. It has no reporting of stock transactions. And it makes important decisions every day.”

Initially, Pelosi was against this ban, but now it appears that she’s changing her tune.

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The reason for this is because those congress members who are opposed to this are getting called out for doing insider trading. Pelosi has been called out for this a couple of times!

Joe Rogan called her out only a couple of months ago!

Here are the Twitter reactions.

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Banning insider trading is great; it has to be a more comprehensive bill.

No matter how the bill comes out, if we held them accountable for those profits already gained, it would make them think twice about repeating those actions.