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Huge Blow To Overreaching J6 Probe After Major Defendant Found Innocent

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A few weeks ago, video evidence disclosed that during the events of January 6, a Capitol side door was largely unguarded and unlocked.

According to police security footage obtained by the media, more than 300 individuals were permitted unhindered entry into the Congress building, despite officers’ efforts to keep demonstrators out of other areas.

Now, a jury in Washington, D.C. has found Kenneth Joseph Owen Thomas, an Ohio resident, not guilty of a felony punishable by a 20-year prison sentence, dealing the Biden administration’s illegal, overbroad investigation into January 6 protesters its latest setback.

A twenty-year felony allegation of “obstruction of official proceedings” against Thomas, an Ohio father of four who served in the Navy, was dropped earlier this month.

The accusations of assault on a federal officer and disorderly conduct on Capitol premises were eventually withdrawn after the jury deadlocked.

According to the attorney who defended Thomas in court, John Pierce:

“This is an incredible win for Joe Thomas and all January 6th defendants… We picked apart the credibility of the government’s witnesses, and we made the strategic decision to put Joe on the stand in his own defense.

He was extremely credible, and the jury clearly believed his testimony that he came to DC that day not to obstruct Congress, but rather to have his voice be heard about the 2020 election.”

“We intend to take every one of these cases to trial and to win.

Whatever we can’t win at the district court level, we will win on appeal. It is also clear that representing so many defendants is becoming a huge advantage for us.

There is a steep learning curve with respect to these cases. The fact we have so many is allowing us to start connecting the dots on a very deep level in terms of what happened at the Capitol that day.

This is years’ worth of work that it is impossible to replicate if you are a law firm that only has one or two of these cases,”  Pierce stated, urging the Republican-controlled U.S. House to disclose all of the videos from January 6. CONTINUE READING…

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