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Huge Changes Coming To Twitter After Woke Staff Meltdown

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After Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter, the social media platform will undergo substantial changes.

Tesla’s chief executive has not yet revealed his immediate plans, but he presents himself as an advocate for free speech.

Following his takeover of Twitter, Musk has promised everyone they can say whatever they want.

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On NASDAQ today, Twitter shares fell 1.72% to $50.81 as early trading got underway, after surging from $45 when Musk’s initial bid to buy the company was submitted on April 14.

Tweets will be longer, and subscribers will be able to pay for services with the ‘joke’ cryptocurrency Dogecoin.

It was rumored that he would prefer temporary ‘timeouts’ for users who violate the new rules instead of permanent bans, such as those issued to Donald Trump.

Those who subscribe to Twitter’s $2.99 a month premium Blue service may also see blue verification checkmarks.

Musk is said to prefer subscription-based funding over advertiser funding as Twitter would become less reliant on advertisers. Even suggesting users can pay with cryptocurrency, Musk has long been a fan of the joke currency Dogecoin.

The firm’s woke employees are also likely to lose their jobs. Musk is expected to take over the company after six months, following which the ax will likely be swung.

In response to a wave of hysteria from liberal social media personalities who are threatening to quit Twitter over Elon Musk’s $44 billion takeover, Twitter has blocked its developers from making changes to the app.

Twitter is now blocking any product updates that aren’t ‘business-critical,’ with the company’s vice-president approving such updates. As Bloomberg reports, the move is intended to prevent angry employees from ‘going rogue’ after staff branded Musk ‘dangerous’ to democracy.

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Clearly, Musk is targeting the woke staff with this strong message that he will not tolerate their shenanigans. The level of trust he has for them is non-existent as he locked down the company and woke developers.

In six months’ time, the deal is set to be completed, and staff will only be guaranteed their jobs until that time. Despite having a smaller user base than Facebook, the social media platform is highly influential among media circles despite being smaller than it.

Former All In The Family star Rob Reiner said he feared Mr. Trump would have his account reactivated, despite the fact that the former president has ruled out coming back and plans to stay on his own ‘TRUTH Social’ platform.

Mia Farrow, a former actress turned left-wing activist, said she may leave the app ‘for peace of mind’, while Elizabeth Warren, Democrat US senator, called it “dangerous for democracy.”.

Additionally, left-leaning employees in California attacked Musk on the company’s site and message boards, expressing concern they would no longer be allowed to work from home under the new regime.

Addison Howenstine complained about the takeover in a tweet using asterisks to make it harder to search out on the platform.

He tweeted: ‘POV: You asked me why El*n M*sk is buying 9.2% of Tw*tter and getting a board seat is bad and I’m explaining why this was clearly not his end goal and things will certainly get worse and potentially be dangerous for democracy and global affairs.’

A significant shift is expected after Musk’s purchase, as the self-described ‘free speech absolutist’ takes a more permissive view of moderation following a string of scandals, including the burying of a story about Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop.

Following the publication of the story, Twitter locked down the main account of the New York Post and demanded it remove tweets referencing the Biden articles. In the beginning, the company cited a prohibition on distributing hacked material, but then backed down when the story was proved to be true.

Musk also wants to convert the company’s downtown San Francisco property to a homeless shelter, given the city’s homelessness crisis, which is among the worst in the country.

Musk has also teased that the platform will include an ‘edit’ button that will allow users to make changes to tweets already published, as well as open-source algorithms to fight spam bots and authenticate humans.

In that way, people would understand why Twitter made some tweets more visible to users than others.

For Musk, eliminating spambots and scams is a top priority.

Musk has stated that he would like Twitter to allow long-form tweets.

Tweets can now contain up to 280 characters, doubling the previous 140-character limit.

Twitter’s algorithm could be made open source by Musk.

Outsiders could propose changes and even make fixes to Twitter’s code.

Earlier this year, he suggested that Twitter Blue users who paid for the service would receive a check mark indicating their account is authenticated.

According to Twitter, its first subscription service, Twitter Blue, will offer ‘exclusive access to premium features’ via monthly subscription. The service is currently only available in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

As part of Musk’s plan, Twitter might move to a subscription-based model and away from its reliance on advertising, which accounts for 90% of its revenue.

$2.99 per month entitles you to additional features on Twitter Blue.

‘Price should probably be ~$2/month, but paid 12 months up front & account doesn’t get checkmark for 60 days (watch for credit card chargebacks) & suspended with no refund if used for scam/spam,’ Musk stated in an April tweet.

‘And no ads,’ Musk proposed. ‘The power of corporations to dictate policy is greatly enhanced if Twitter depends on advertising money to survive.’

Also, Musk proposed a dogecoin-based payment option and invited Twitter users to comment.

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