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Huge Drawback of Electric Trucks Exposed

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According to a recent AAA test, the driving range of the Ford F-150 Lightning, the electric version of the best-selling pickup vehicle in the United States, decreased by nearly a quarter when fully laden.

The organization announced it had conducted a thorough examination of the truck’s battery, taking into account its towing capacity.

The gasoline-powered Ford F-150 is a popular vehicle among blue-collar employees and many business owners.

If there is one thing that many of these entrepreneurs require, it is a truck that is not only long-distance but also capable of transporting essential and weighty cargo.

According to an insider, Ford prioritized equipping its new electric truck with a substantial amount of towing capacity. However, AAA’s testing revealeds that this came at the expense of the battery’s range.

The F-150 Lightning was tested by weighing it with 1,400 pounds of sandbags, which is less than its utmost towing capacity.

The test revealed that the truck’s range decreased by 24.5 percent, from 278 miles to 210 miles.

The Environmental Protection Agency has determined that the F-150 Lightning used in the test has a range of 300 miles.

The advertised driving range discrepancy and the weight test could cause owners of these vehicles to lose 90 miles of Ford’s advertised driving range merely by towing a trailer.

In a press release, Greg Brannon, director of AAA Automotive Engineering, commented on the evaluation of the vehicle.

“Our testing revealed a significant range reduction, but it’s important to note that the Lightning was loaded to near its maximum capacity,” he said.

Brannon provided a silver lining for prospective chauffeurs who have no intention of transporting cargo.

More on this story via The Western Journal:

“Most buyers will likely use their Lightning with a lighter load, resulting in a much smaller range reduction,” he said.

Ford lists the Lightning’s maximum payload as 2,235 pounds with the standard EV battery and 1,952 pounds with an extended-range battery, the Verge reported. CONTINUE READING…

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