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HUGE Kari Lake Update Out Of Arizona

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The fact that the Republican candidate for Arizona governor, Kari Lake, chose to run for state government after failing to comprehend election anomalies in 2020 may be a quirk of fate. Lake, a qualified professional investigative journalist and reporter, entered politics out of concern for election integrity and is now the primary player in the most insanity, audacity, and blatant electoral fraud we have ever witnessed.

As of Friday morning, there has been no announcement of the victor in the fiercely contested race for the top leadership position in the southern state.

According to AZ Central’s story on Lake, it could take some time to make sense of the 2022 midterm elections in Arizona.

“We don’t even have full results yet, with several races shaping up to be nail-biters. But voters clearly had some messages to send amid the chaos,” the outlet reported, adding more details of how the republicans were responsible:

Here’s what Arizona Republic opinion writers see as the smoke clears

We’ve got a problem if Lake loses

“There was no conspiracy to rig the printers or count votes at a snail’s pace in Arizona, but when this is over, we do need to overhaul our election system,” one left-leaning reporter wrote.

“The malfunction with printers that dragged on for some 7-8 hours during the important first waves of voting was a big deal, affecting 30% of Maricopa County voting centers.

Even if that has no impact on outcomes, Republican voters are furious. Nerves were already on edge as they always are Election Day, and the breakdown put a torch on them. If she loses, her voters will be incandescent.”

Examine the source of responsibility, if this makes sense:

“The Republicans who run elections in Maricopa County would not purposefully undermine their own voters and candidates. But MAGA voters who don’t trust the election system and carried themselves to the polls on Election Day were inordinately affected.

When this election is over and its managers do the post-mortem, we’re likely to find that Republican lawmakers over years of reforming elections created the log jam.

But that hardly matters.

The system is so slow it increases distrust in it. Across Arizona and the nation and even in Europe, people are asking what is wrong with Maricopa County?

Other states have built election systems that are fast and efficient. We can too. “

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

What? How does that make sense? There were too many clownish things happening in AZ.

“The games have begun in Arizona…,” Noah at We Love Trump reported, adding the following details: CONTINUE READING…

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