Huge Victory For Trump — He’s The UNDEFEATED Reigning Champ

The Daily Beast has discovered something they respect about the 45th President, Donald J. Trump, that he is victorious at the Federal Election Commission (FEC) over what could possibly be fake campaign election violations.

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At issue is a recent ruling by the FEC that they won’t investigate Trump for possible campaign finance violations related to a 2016 veterans fundraiser.

Trump has beaten the left’s cancel culture- and the Daily Beast seems conflicted by it all.

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“Donald Trump may have been impeached twice, and he’s taken some lumps in court, but in one legal arena, he is hands-down the undefeated reigning champ: campaign finance law. It’s not even close,” Roger Sollenberger reported for the vigilant anti-Trump, left-leaning, digital media outlet.

Sollenberger, calling Trump the ‘undefeated,’ makes the claim that the reason behind Trump’s many victories is that there are too many Republicans making the rulings. Yet, he buries in his article that it is easy to file fake complaints against Trump.

“According to a review of filings with the Federal Election Commission, the agency with jurisdiction over campaign finance law, Trump has over the last six years posted a 43-0 record in cases referred for possible violations,” Sollenberger wrote.

“And the single reason that the FEC has never acted is because none of the agency’s three Republican commissioners have ever voted against Trump,” he said.

Yet, conceding that it might be there were far fewer complaints about Trump and his campaign, and noting it is easy to file fake charges.

“Of course, anyone can bring a complaint to the FEC. You don’t have to know the ins and outs of campaign finance law, and you don’t have to have any evidence. You can claim that the Trump campaign stole money from you when it was actually a donation from someone who has the same name, or allege that a Trump campaign Google ad is actually a violation of federal law, because you had searched “donate Joe Biden.” The agency’s attorneys will actually look into it.,” Sollenberger wrote, apparently trying to inspire people to complain more.

Pretending like ‘non partisan groups’ are not part of the ‘swamp’ who are determined to destroy Trump and his followers with all sorts of cancel culture tactics, Sollenberger goes on to report what sounds a bit like sour grapes that the left’s tactics are not working at the FEC.

“But setting aside the 15 Trump complaints that appear frivolous, petty or unfounded, 28 legitimate grievances remain—most of them filed by attorneys who have years of experience with campaign finance law.

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Of those 28 complaints, the internal nonpartisan Office of General Counsel found reason to believe that campaign finance violations had occurred in 22 of them. In every instance, the Republican commissioners voted to block action.”

The Federal Election Commission, founded by the US Congress, is an independent regulatory agency of the United States whose purpose is to enforce campaign finance law in United States federal elections.

At a time when Democrats used multiple schemes and funding operations to flood the country with easily forged voter ballots in the last year and a half, the Democrat’s concerns over Trump’s campaign contributions from 5 years ago expose how desperate the left is.

At the time the complaint came up, Trump’s attorney wrote:

“Essentially everything a federal candidate does may have some effect on that candidate’s public image, and philanthropic activity is certainly no different,” wrote Trump campaign lawyer E. Stewart Crosland in a letter to the commission in September 2019. “Whether those efforts result in some goodwill with the public is simply not a campaign-finance (or FEC) concern.”

Republican Commissioners Sean Cooksey, Allen Dickerson, and Trey Trainor have not yet issued any statements on the matter, but the Democrats are whining everywhere, anyway.

The insider reported on the bitter left and their brazen hypocrisy over election integrity:

“Democratic Commissioners Shana Broussard and Ellen Weintraub accused their Republican colleagues of “eroding the public’s trust in the integrity of the federal campaign finance process” by blocking the enforcement of federal law,” The Insider reported about the Trump FEC victories.

And that is almost laughable. Almost as much as it is that Democrats do anything that is “nonpartisan” about elections.

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“This is one in a long series of matters that we’ve had where our nonpartisan professional staff have recommended moving forward in some way against a complaint involving the former president,” Weintraub told Insider in an interview on Thursday. “And every single time, the Republican commissioners come up with an excuse to not move forward,” the Democrat Duo said.

Weintraub suggested that Trump could’ve faced a “pretty hefty fine” had the commission moved forward, given that he was accused of a multi-million dollar violation of campaign finance laws.

“I think it would have been a strong message for us to send, to discourage that sort of activity by others,” she said. “But sadly, we were not able to do that, we did not have the political will to move forward on this. I mean, some of us did.”