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HUGE Win For GOP Who Just Gained FOUR New Seats

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The Supreme Court of North Carolina has reversed a prior ruling that found partisan gerrymandering to be illegal, paving the way for Republicans to significantly redraw the state’s congressional boundaries in their favor.

The decision authorizes North Carolina legislators to gerrymander the congressional district, which is currently equitably divided between seven Democrats and seven Republicans. Now that Democrats control the state Supreme Court, Republicans in Raleigh could restore the map they initially approved during the previous election season and gain up to four seats.

Two Democratic justices dissented, while the Republican justices voted to reverse the previous verdict. During the November elections, the balance of power on the court shifted from 5-2 Republican control to 4-3 Democratic control.

In light of the state court’s decision, which was announced on Friday, the U.S. Supreme Court may dismiss a closely watched lawsuit concerning the authority of state legislatures over federal elections. The justices heard arguments on the issue in December, but they indicated last month that they were considering reversing their decision in light of the campaign to have the North Carolina court reverse its earlier ruling.

In a separate decision, the court reversed another of its earlier rulings on a voter ID law by a similar partisan divide of 5 to 2. The decision reached on Friday will pave the way for the implementation of the state’s long-debated photo ID requirement.

In a number of recent decisions, the state court’s former Democratic majority deemed partisan gerrymandering unlawful in North Carolina and blocked the implementation of the state’s photo ID law. It was unusual for the new majority to hear the arguments in these cases again so quickly, and many court observers interpreted this as a sign that the court would permit partisan gerrymandering in the future, not if.

In a lengthy ruling issued by the court on Friday, the conservative justices concluded that they lacked the authority to determine whether or not partisan gerrymandering had occurred, arguing that the state legislature should have that responsibility.

There is no legal standard by which partisan gerrymandering cases can be decided. In his 144-page majority opinion, Chief Justice Paul Newby stated that courts should not intervene in political matters.

The majority’s reasoning is largely consistent with a 2019 U.S. Supreme Court decision that held federal courts could not intervene to halt partisan gerrymandering and left the matter to individual state courts.

“For a brief window in time, the power of deciding who is elected to office was given to the people, as required by the state constitution,” Justice Anita Earls wrote in her 72-page dissent, joined by Justice Michael Morgan. The two, who joined the court’s decision to strike down the map last year for being too partisan, are the court’s last remaining Democratic jurists.

“Today, the majority strips the people of this right; it tells North Carolinians that the state constitution and the courts cannot protect their basic human right to self-governance and self-determination,” Earls added, declaring that her Republican colleagues’ “efforts to downplay the practice do not erase its consequences and the public will not be gaslighted.”

As a consequence of Friday’s decision, the state’s congressional delegation will likely endure a significant transformation. Democratic Representatives Kathy Manning in Greensboro, Wiley Nickel in the suburbs of Raleigh, and Jeff Jackson in Charlotte are likely in grave jeopardy due to their placement in districts with a Republican tilt. In his rural, northeastern district, Don Davis, a freshman Democrat, would face heightened opposition.

A new proposal would enable Republicans to capture as many as eleven seats. House Speaker Tim Moore, Bo Hines, who lost to Nickel in 2022, and former Representative Mark Walker, who has hinted at a run for governor, are among the Republican candidates to keep a watch on for prospective new red seats.

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