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Hunter Biden and Wife Blasted as ‘Horrible Tenants’ for What They Did to $4.2M Rental: Report

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Say it ain’t so!

Over the years, the adjectives “influence-peddling,” “drug-addicted,” “adulterous,” and “deadbeat dad” have been affixed to the name of Hunter Biden, the first son of the vice president.

On Wednesday, a news report provided him with a new label: “horrible tenant.”

The U.K. Daily Mail, a British publication with a significant online presence in the United States, reported Wednesday that the spoiled princeling of the Biden royal family has a history of failing to pay rent to a previous landlord in a multimillion-dollar Venice Beach, California, home — and leaving the property in disarray after a brief stay.

According to the source, Hunter moved into the home with his current wife Melissa and their infant son Beau in February 2021.

According to the Daily Mail, the family moved to their present residence in Malibu after only about six months. In such a short time, they were able to produce a negative impression.

“Hunter and Melissa were horrible tenants,” one source told the newspaper. “Not only did they stiff the owner for months of rent, they left the house in terrible condition.”

“Melissa was rude and entitled. They destroyed the stereo equipment in the home and when someone came to fix it, they were uncooperative. They also left the place dirty.”

It is important to note that the Daily Mail article relies solely on unidentified sources, so readers should take it with the appropriate measure of salt. From what is publicly known about Hunter’s past, including his own incriminating words, it is not unreasonable to assume that he may be a non-paying tenant.

This man was kicked out of the Navy for drug use (and lost an officer’s commission he never should have had); has recorded copious amounts of video showing himself and various prostitutes in various states of undress, engaging in or discussing various drug use; and is suspected, with good reason, of using his connection to his father, President Joe Biden, to rake in millions of dollars from shady characters overseas.

That’s not the kind of person who mops under the radiator to get their security deposit returned.

The property, which rented for $25,000 per month, was sold for $3.9 million in March 2022 and is now estimated to be worth $4.2 million, according to the Daily Mail.

At the time of the Biden lease, however, the property was owned by Jonathan Neman, co-founder of the salad-centric fast food chain Sweetgreen.

Neman does not appear to be a rabid Democratic supporter, unlike many of California’s affluent entrepreneurs. During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in September 2021, he appeared to suggest, according to a report in The Atlantic, that the government should force everyone to eat more salad in an effort to reduce obesity.

(That’s obscene on philosophical grounds as well as culinary and nutritional grounds, but considering the guy sells salad, at least it’s understandable as a pure matter of cupidity.)

The Daily Mail reports that Neman declined to comment on the Bidens’ rental tenure.

However, a source told the publication that Neman did not want to sue Hunter for the outstanding rent.

“It’s not that he needed the money, and, frankly, it was embarrassing,” the source said, according to the Daily Mail.

Possibly embarrassing for Neman. Nevertheless, it is probably fair to say that Hunter Biden is beyond humiliation at this juncture.

The man-child has spent his entire adult life living in his father’s shadow, selling his connection to his father’s power, having an affair with his brother’s widow while still married to his first wife, and attempting to abandon his own daughter (while causing his family to callously disregard the girl as well).

Now, despite his “art” career aspirations, his primary claim to renown is being a national disgrace.

Being a “horrible tenant,” if true, is the least of his problems.

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