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Hunter Biden Business Partner Drops Bombshell: I’ve Got Joe Biden on Tape, the FBI Should Be Investigating That Family

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A whistleblower who uncovered the dubious overseas business operations of Hunter Biden is coming out once again.

Tony Bobulinksi, in a preview of an interview that will appear Tuesday night on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, identifies the Biden family as the benefactors of corruption who cheated him directly.

“So they were shafting you without your knowledge, it sounds like,” the host asked Bobulinski in one preview clip of the “Tucker Carlson Tonight” interview.

Former business colleague of Hunter Biden stated, “Yeah, it’s called fraud,”

Bobulinski stated in a second interview preview that he possessed audio recordings of Joe Biden himself, which might undermine the president’s claims of independence and ignorance of his son’s financial affairs.

The businessman and soldier stated that he has requested an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper to discuss his relationship with Hunter Biden.

“I have thousands of documents, text messages, WhatsApp conversations, recordings of the sitting president of the United States in his own voice, and I’d love to have that debate,” he stated.

Bobulinski disputes Joe Biden’s assertion that he had no direct knowledge or financial involvement in Hunter Biden’s international transactions.

He claimed to have met Joe Biden in 2017 and that the older Biden was to get 10 percent of the profits from a Chinese government-backed commercial transaction.

This is not the first time Bobulinski has exposed the corruption of the Biden family. In an October 2020 public speech, the former navy commander exposed Hunter Biden’s illicit business ties with Chinese state-owned firms.

More on this story via The Western Journal:

Bobulinksi described a Biden family operation to provide Joe with “plausible deniability” in Hunter’s business dealings when he went public before the 2020 presidential election. CONTINUE READING…

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