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Hunter Biden Caught Acting as a Foreign Agent – Email Shows He Discussed Breaking FARA Laws

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Illegally, Hunter Biden’s laptop contains emails in which he functioned as a foreign agent and discussed breaking FARA regulations, but never registered as an agent.

The Foreign Agents Registration Act is a United States statute that requires people representing foreign interests to disclose information to the public.

According to JustSecurity.com: “FARA was enacted in 1938 to combat Nazi and communist propaganda. While ostensibly a transparency statute, in actuality, the Act was used to stigmatize and mire in red tape German propaganda outlets, essentially shutting them down.”

Prior to President Donald J. Trump’s newfound interest in implementing the law, FARA was mostly unenforced.

Joe Hoft recently stated that the family of Democrat Joe Biden and Joe Biden himself had profited from the expansion of foreign influence and were oblivious to Trump’s law enforcement:

“The Biden crime family made millions in Ukraine performing nefarious and criminal activities including espionage. Today we have another report that reveal another crime,” adding:

1. TGP reported on Thursday that the Bidens were using classified information to the benefit of the Hunter Biden family business. This was in response to Miranda Devine’s report at the New York Post where she identified an email with 22 points that was not written by Hunter Biden.

TGP determined that this information from the 22-point email came from the US State Department and was classified. This email included this classified information and Hunter had no security clearance or reason to have this information.

2. On Sunday night TGP reported a second email that showed Hunter Biden was sharing classified information with individuals at Burisma in Ukraine which is the definition of espionage.

3. On Monday TGP uncovered a third email showing more Biden family crimes related to classified information and espionage.

The email discovered on Hunter Biden’s laptop was sent from Blue Star Strategies, a firm that has reportedly been under investigation by the DOJ since 2021. The email that was sent in December 2015 had an attachment that included classified information from a White House conference call on Joe Biden’s upcoming trip to Ukraine. This email was also sent to Burisma and it implicates Joe Biden. CONTINUE READING…

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