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Hunter Biden Gets Worst News About His Plea Deal

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In a startling turn of events, Hunter Biden’s highly criticized original plea agreement is “dead and off the table.”

Multiple media outlets covered the startling news from Wilmington, Delaware, where the president’s son is on trial.

What prompted this abrupt about-face?

Apparently, there are problems with the plea agreement and how it relates to the distinct firearms charge that Hunter Biden faces.

CNN’s Kara Scannell was reportedly present at the courthouse when these events transpired, and she commented on what had just occurred.

Scannell stated, “So as of right now, the deal appears to be dead and off the table.”

The New York Times provided live coverage of the proceedings and a concise summary of the extraordinary developments:

“The two-part plea agreement negotiated between Hunter Biden and the U.S. attorney in Delaware is on the verge of collapsing after the judge in the case questioned whether it offered Mr. Biden blanket immunity from prosecution for his business dealings — or only for tax offenses,” reported Glenn Thrush.

“Judge Maryellen Noreika of Federal District Court pointedly asked Leo Wise, a top prosecutor in the case, if the deal meant Hunter Biden would be immune from prosecution for other possible crimes, including violations related to representing foreign governments. Wise said no — and Hunter Biden’s lawyer responded by saying the agreement was ‘null and void,’” Thrush continued.

Evidently, Judge Noreika did not approve of this disagreement over the broad nature of the immunity offered in the plea agreement.

More on this story via The Western Journal:

“From the start, the judge seemed highly skeptical of the unusual deal — which offered Hunter Biden broad immunity from prosecution in perpetuity, questioning why it had been filed under a provision that gave her no legal authority to reject it,” Thrush said. “When she asked Leo Wise, a prosecutor, if there was any precedent for the kind of deal being proposed, he replied, ‘No, your honor.’” CONTINUE READING…

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