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Hunter Biden Gives Sickening ‘Gift’ To Daughter In Child Support Settlement

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The illegitimate daughter of Hunter Biden cannot use his last name, but she will receive a number of paintings created by his father, President Joe Biden’s son Beau Biden, who resolved a child support dispute with the girl’s mother on Thursday.

According to a five-page agreement between Biden and Lunden Roberts, the mother of his daughter from Arkansas, Biden and Roberts share joint custody.

Hunter denied Roberts’ request to alter the surname of the child Biden fathered with her in 2019, pending the results of a paternity test.

In a redacted agreement filed on Thursday in Independence County, Arkansas, Roberts consented to withdraw her request for her daughter, Navy Roberts, to take the Biden name.

She had previously argued that the name would open doors for their daughter, whom the Biden family refuses to publicly acknowledge.

Numerous times, the incumbent president has omitted the child from his public remarks regarding his grandchildren.

The document also stipulates that Biden will pay Roberts an undisclosed quantity of money each month and provide her with a copy of his annual tax return.

As part of a deal between Roberts and Biden, she consented to abandon a request for their daughter to change her surname to reflect that she is a Biden family member.

The infant will receive paintings from her biological father in exchange.

“Defendant additionally agrees that he shall assign to the child [REDACTED] of his paintings over the next [REDACTED] which shall vary in size with a minimum size of 24×24,” the highly specific part of the agreement states.

The clause continues, “The child shall select the painting which shall either be sent to the child or sent to a gallery designated by Lunden Roberts. The net proceeds of any sales of paintings shall be wired to an account designated by Lunden Roberts.”

In 2021, when he exhibited them in galleries, Biden’s paintings sparked a scandal.

More on this story via The Western Journal:

Some critics argued Biden’s decision to take up the arts offered him an opportunity to launder money from anonymous buyers. CONTINUE READING…

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