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Hunter Biden Investigated as Possible Foreign Agent as DOJ Ramps Up ‘Rare’ Enforcement

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A new complication has emerged as a result of first son Hunter Biden’s extensive legal issues; this is the type of wrinkle that has already brought down another Democrat within the past week.

Hunter Biden may be subject to an investigation on suspicion of potentially violating the Foreign Agent Registrations Act (FARA) of 1938, as indicated by various reports.

USA Today reports that Hunter Biden never registered as a “foreign agent” in his previous business dealings with China and Ukraine; this is a violation.

As per the news source, this investigation has been prompted by the Justice Department’s reassessment of its FARA enforcement procedures.

Reportedly, Special Counsel David Weiss will lead this investigation into whether Hunter Biden violated FARA; however, it is noteworthy that a 2016 audit by the inspector general stated that prosecutions arising from FARA were “rare.”

This new burden is merely the most recent in a series of complex legal entanglements that Biden’s first son has been embroiled in recently.

Already, the first son is confronted with a multitude of accusations pertaining to unlawful firearm possession and tax evasion.

Upon receiving a conviction, Hunter Biden might find himself expeditiously remanding to a correctional facility.

This latest possible FARA violation is providing the first son with yet another source of stress.

Additionally, this headache has the potential to rapidly escalate into a migraine in light of the recent media attention garnered by an alternative Democrat for issues related to FARA.

USA Today reports that on Thursday, Democratic Senator Bob Menendez was indicted as a “foreign agent” for Egypt in a shady bribery scandal.

Long having refuted any culpability despite the indictments, Menendez’s position is manifestly untenable in light of the development on Thursday.

For potential FARA violations, Menendez and his co-defendants face a maximum penalty of five years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

Conversely, Biden is confronted with the additional concern of FARA, which prolongs the extensive list of problems he already confronts beyond the accusations themselves.

Hunter Biden has been personally embroiled in a contentious and widely known child custody dispute concerning the seventh grandchild of Joe Biden.

Nevertheless, an even more severe and potentially catastrophic predicament in which Hunter Biden is embroiled may also implicate the incumbent president.

Hunter has played a pivotal role in escalating corruption allegations targeting the incumbent president, concerning the acceptance or non-acceptance of various foreign entities by the two Biden men.

In fact, this specific matter has contributed to the ongoing impeachment investigations involving President Joe Biden.

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