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Hunter Biden Took Thousands from Daughter’s College Fund for Drugs and Hookers: Report

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Hunter Biden’s famous “laptop from hell” was used to get documents that show the first son’s skewed financial goals.

The Daily Mail says that Hunter Biden, who was a drug user at the time, stole $20,000 from his daughter Maisy’s college savings account in late 2018.

Joseph Ziegler, an IRS whistleblower, wrote in a statement in August that the number was almost $40,000.

The Mail said that the money was sent to Hunter Biden’s personal account while he was on a “months-long” drug binge and hiring hookers.

The president’s son made the move after being told by his Wells Fargo bankers that he only had 44 cents in his personal account left.

“Can I transfer 20k from Maisy 528 account to personal account?” Hunter Biden asked one of his bankers in an email obtained from his abandoned laptop.

“With the understanding there will be [penalties] if at all possible to begin with.”

At that time, Maisy was in her last year of high school.

Newsmax reports that Hunter Biden didn’t report the windfall as extra income on his 2019 tax forms. The IRS thought about charging him with a crime for this.

In his 2021 book “Beautiful Things,” the first son wrote about how he spent too much money and used drugs.

He said that the Biden family, including Maisy and Joe Biden, who is now president, tried to hold an intervention for him when his crack cocaine use got out of hand.

The Mail says that rescue happened just a few weeks before Hunter Biden’s drug binge, which he paid for with his daughter’s college funds.

The Mail says that emails and data taken from Hunter Biden’s laptop show that he did spend money on what they think were hookers and sexual webcam services around this time.

Even though Maisy’s bank account was robbed, Hunter Biden’s third daughter was still able to go to college.

Maisy went to the University of Pennsylvania because Joe Biden personally asked the school’s head to let her in. She earned her degree in fine arts earlier this year.

Hunter Biden is fighting with officials in federal court over gun charges right now.

Tax misdemeanor charges against Hunter Biden were dropped when a judge in Delaware refused to approve a plea deal that would have protected him from future punishment.

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