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I am One of Them’: Lara Trump Sounds Alarms on Dems

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Thursday, Lara Trump stated that the Democrats’ preoccupation on abortion as the one subject of concern to women will harm them at the polls.

The Fox News contributor, who is the wife of Eric Trump, reacted to a Wall Street Journal claim that the Republican Party currently enjoys a 15-point edge among white suburban women. This is a 27-point swing from the Journal’s August survey.

Democrats believed that abortion-related advertisements would help persuade women voters, therefore they invested substantially on these messages. The Associated Press reported in September that Democrats spent almost $124 million on abortion-related television advertisements.

“The Democrats did here what they always do,” Lara Trump stated on Fox News Thursday on the study.

“Instead of looking at people as individuals with their own minds, who make different decisions about people they’re voting for based on a whole host of issues, they lump everyone here as ‘white suburban women’ into one voting bloc and said they all care about one thing and one thing only – abortion,” she said.

Lara Trump stated that the cost of this error is enormous.

‘Of course, we know that this is not the case. This is a very big chunk of the electorate, though, it makes up about 20 percent of the electorate,” she said.

“It turns out that we, and I saw ‘we’ because I’m one of them, care about a whole host of issues, like moms out there who have kids in school who are concerned that their kids are not being prepared for their futures right now. They are instead being indoctrinated. Our kids are falling behind in so many ways in school,” she said.

Lara Trump also mentioned “new mothers who have battled to acquire infant formula and continue to do so now” and the devastation that inflation has on the incomes of working women.

“These are the things that are concerning to women out there,” she said. “And of course, the Democrats blew it.”

Noting that the demographic of suburban white women was crucial to the victory of President Joe Biden, she observed that current surveys indicate a shift in this view.

She stated, “People are not stupid, especially women.”

More on this story via The Western Journal:

“We get it; we need our basic needs met, we understand what’s going on. We know who brought it to us,” she said, explaining why women are flocking to the GOP.

On Wednesday, Lara Trump had shared with “Fox & Friends First” her bristling response to a piece in The New Yorker saying “right-wing mothers” are the reason parents and school boards are at impasse, according to Fox News. CONTINUE READING…

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