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‘I Make Love to Men Daily’: Redacted Portions of Famous Obama Letter Uncovered – Report

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In one of the more peculiar accounts to emerge about the former president of the United States, new reports assert that Barack Obama possesses a vividly scatological imagination.

The New York Post reports that redacted portions of Obama’s “now-famous” 1982 letter have been unsealed, revealing that the former president described his mind as “androgynous” and described how he would “make love to men daily, but only in his imagination.”

The letter, which is over 40 years old at this point, was written to Obama’s ex-girlfriend and became a raging hot topic after Obama biographer David Garrow gave a wild interview that included Obama “repeatedly” fantasizing about homosexuality and dating another woman while dating Michelle Obama (whom he has been married to since 1992).

Clearly, this interview prompted a surge of interest in this enigmatic letter, and the public now has a better understanding of it.

“In regard to homosexuality, I must say that I believe this is an attempt to remove oneself from the present, a refusal perhaps to perpetuate the endless farce of earthly life. You see, I make love to men daily, but in the imagination,” a 21-year-old Obama wrote to ex-girlfriend Alex McNear in November 1982, the Post reported. The two dated during Obama’s time at Occidental College in Los Angeles.

Additionally Obama claimed, “My mind is androgynous to a great extent, and I hope to make it more so until I can think in terms of people, not women as opposed to men.”

Curiously, Obama also noted that he chose “to accept” being “made a man.”

“But, in returning to the body, I see that I have been made a man, and physically in life, I choose to accept that contingency,” Obama said.

Interestingly, compared to the letters he sent to his other ex-girlfriends, this letter to McNear is relatively mild.

Garrow mentioned in a separate interview that Obama also wrote to his ex-girlfriend Sheila Miyoshi Jager.

According to Garrow, these letters demonstrated a “extremely serious and intense” relationship between Jager and Obama.

“I think if the letters to Sheila ever become public, I think that will be a signal event,” Garrow said.

(According to what Jager told Garrow, Obama proposed twice to her and was rejected both times.)

Despite the former president’s notorious history of lewd remarks, Garrow insists that this is perfectly normal.

“I’m a historian, not a psychologist, but I think it’s ‘public record’ news that a (vast?) majority of human beings have sexual fantasies!” Garrow told the Post via email.

These revelations about Obama’s androgynous thoughts on homosexuality come amid far more serious controversies.

The tragic death of personal chef Tafari Campbell, whose corpse was discovered in a coastal wetland near Obama’s Martha’s Vineyard estate, implicates both Michelle and Barack Obama.

Even though there are no indications of foul play or other deceit, the circumstances surrounding Campbell’s death — and the lack of transparency surrounding it — and these letters have once again brought the Obamas into the public eye.

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