Ilhan Omar Brutally Mocked For What She Did To Christians On Easter

One of the hallmarks of the progressive left is their detachment from everything that represents American values and traditions. Since the focus of their identities is to be the destroyers of those very concepts- progressives often show their scorn for America in public and at very sensitive times. They appear to want to be shocking in their debasement- for a more pointed attack.

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That is really the case with US Rep. Far left radical progressive Ilhan Omar, who has made a career of slamming everything American- even after immigrating to this country, fleeing with her family as a homeless child, and then being treated like a princess and rising to one of the most powerful positions in the world- a member of the US House of Representatives.

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But none of that fame and fortune and good living has given Omar any respect for her adoptive country; in fact she daily spits at the United States flag, in some symbolic way, from her position at our nation’s Capitol, in Washington DC, where she lives a life of luxury- especially compared to the refugee camps she was rescued from, at the US Taxpayers expense.

So now- currently as a US Taxburden still, Omar- a civil servant- took to social media to spit at the people singing.

“Omar attacks a group of Christian volunteers on an @easyJet flight in Europe delivering aid to Ukraine, because they’re singing. She has no idea about what transpired and whether or not it was approved. But it’s suddenly about her,” wrote Avi Kaner, Co-owner Morton Williams Supermarkets. Principal, Samawal Foundations.

Omar, a member of the progressive squad enjoys a great deal of privilege in and around DC, at the hands of DC ‘swamp creatures’ but her clown show, mocking Christianity, was not met with appreciation this time.

Omar, who is Muslim and has vocalized support of Jihadists at times, retweeted a clip of a Christian singing, saying: ‘I think my family and I should have a prayer session next time I am on a plane. How do you think it will end?’

As if anyone in America has stopped her from doing anything at all-including praying – or rejecting America,or being abusive to Christians.

Omar, a lifelong government-dependent, and asked what would happen if she held a prayer session on a plane, in a bitter temper tantrum, as if there is no difference between the sometimes actions of Muslims on planes- and American Christians singing a Christian song. As if what Easter represents, honoring what Jesus did, is the same as Jihadis blowing themselves and other people- up – is the same.

In Christianity- Jesus died for us, in the Jihad sect of Islam their God requires them to kill themselves and others. So there is a bit of a difference there.

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Nonetheless- a story went viral about the video clip that Omar retweeted.

According to the Daily mail, Although the video was posted a week ago, it has sparked a social media debate as some have argued the act was ‘pushing’ beliefs on people and others suggested Jewish or Muslim people would have received major backlash if they were to do the same.

One Twitter commenter said: ‘I don’t find anything wrong with this video. On the contrary, I have mega respect for the people playing and singing. “Preach the gospel to all the world”.’

Mr Jensz was also slammed after posting another video on TikTok in which he and his wife Lily Jensz were encouraging people on a train to become religious, saying that ‘when you invite Jesus in your life, not only do you get eternal life, but you also get a peace’.

The pair continued: ‘With God, it doesn’t mean bad things won’t happen…but it means that we don’t have to be influenced in our hearts.’

Many online speculate this is a train with Ukrainian refugees, as the couple has recently posted about helping people along the Poland-Ukraine border, but this is unconfirmed, the Daily Mail reported.

Omar, who is a Muslim, was mocked for criticizing the following clip of Christians singing onboard and politicians slammed Omar for ‘disrespecting Christianity’ and ‘hating Christians’.

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“Ilhan Omar was born in the hell hole of Somalia. Her family fled that wasteland and sought refuge in America. They were welcomed here and Ilhan soon became one of the most influential politicians in the country. And yet she despises the country that took her in. Ungrateful brat,” Dr. Matt Walsh wrote in response to Omar’s pouting.

“As usual, Omar‘s ignorance is staggering, and divisive. 1. This was a chartered flight, not a commercial one. They can do anything want on a chartered flight, within the law. 2. I have traveled with Muslim friends that pray, audibly on flights. Nobody bothered them,” Pradheep J. Shanker posted.

Omar’s comments were not well received and she didn’t really deserve any special praise for her attitude.