Insanity! Biden MUST Be Impeached After Latest Revelation

Republican Rep. Markwayne Mullin (R-OK), who embarked on a secret trip to Afghanistan to save Americans stranded by the Biden administration following the withdrawal of U.S. forces from the country says that some of the Americans left behind will die because of President Biden. If and when they die, Mullin said the “blood is on his hands, that means President Biden’s hands, I mean that with everything in my heart, it’s his fault.”

Speaking on Fox News on Friday, Mullin said that the Taliban held a gun to the head of an American woman after she repeatedly tried to enter the airport in Kabul because the State Department would not help her get to the gate in order to evacuate.

Mullin’s interview with Bret Baier comes days after his repeated attempts to rescue American citizens from Afghanistan. The Republican told Baier that he was traveling with a large sum of cash provided by private individuals that was used to pay “taxes” the Taliban imposed at numerous check points throughout Afghanistan in an effort to get the American woman and her four kids out of the country., Mullin said that he was ultimately unsuccessful as he was shut down by the Biden administration.

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Speaking to Baier, Mullin said that Joe Biden told the American public a “boldface lie” about how all Americans who wanted to evacuate from Afghanistan could get out, and that he personally knew of approximately 50 Americans who wanted to evacuate from the country who remained stranded.

“Do you know why all those other governments were going out and picking up their individuals and bringing them back in?” Mullin asked Baier. “Because there was three Taliban checkpoints before you could get to [Hamid Karzai International Airport] HKIA. And all three of them would charge you a tax and the tax was anywhere between $500 to $4,000.”

“This one young lady and her four kids, to which I have recordings of, we were recording as we were walking through because I was on the phone with the State Department for 12 hours, trying to get someone from the State Department to come out of the gate to get her, for 12 hours. Twelve hours,” said Mullin. “I have it recorded, couldn’t get anybody to come out. She had come through there, it cost her $2,000. They kept, the State Department kept saying hey, go up and talk to him. Tell them they’re waiting on us. Tell him, give him your name, they know you’re coming.”

“Five times she approached this guard with the Taliban,” he added. “The last time they stuck a pistol to her head with her kids there, I have it recorded with her kids screaming and crying. She goes back and she’s crying so hard that she begins to puke, the mother did, and the State Department sent her up there five times saying we got clearance for her. And here we are, the United States government, and we’re negotiating with the Taliban to get American citizens out? And then the president of the United States is going to go to the mic and say that every American that wanted out got out? I have a list of 50 that want out, that they haven’t got out. I have a list of 50 that we’ve ran out of Kabul and put in safe houses around Afghanistan, that I promise you, they wanted out.”

Mullin concluded that some Americans who are stranded in Afghanistan will die “because of the failure from President Biden.”

“I promise you that,” he added. “At some point, they’re gonna lose patience and they aren’t going to keep letting us drive past these checkpoints and paying them off. Sorry, taxes. That’s what they call a tax. And when I say that blood is on his hands, that means President Biden’s hands, I mean that with everything in my heart, it’s his fault. I wouldn’t have been over there. I wouldn’t even [think] about going, if it wasn’t for his failure.”