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Internet Erupts After Biden Reveals Note Jill Left Him in Bathroom

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President Joe Biden disclosed a peculiar letter that first wife Jill Biden left on his bathroom mirror a year ago, and internet users agreed that it was odd.

“Jill puts messages on my mirror where I’m shaving so I make sure to see them. And the one was put there about a year ago was ‘Stop trying to make me love you,’” Biden stated at a White House event honoring Women’s History Month on Wednesday.

Biden raised his hands and made a grimace, as if to imply that he had no idea what that means.

The female-dominated crowd present laughed.

“What the hell,” Biden said. “I’m still trying like hell.”

The note might be understood in at least two different ways. “Stop trying to make me love you” because you have already won me over.

Similar to the “You had me at hello” moment from “Jerry Maguire” (1996).

Alternatively, Jill Biden may have meant,“Stop trying, because you’re not succeeding,” or “You’re trying too hard.”

Given that they’ve been married since 1977, the most likely choice is the first one.

The Republican National Committee tweeted the video with a confused face emoji, implying that they were unaware of the note’s significance.

One Twitter user replied, “Sounds like Jill is just as bad as he is.”

Another wrote, “Okay that’s weird!,” another chimed in, “How bizarre.”

Conservative commentator Allie Beth Stuckey replied, apparently tongue-in-cheek, “How beautiful.” CONTINUE READING…

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