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The Internet Erupts Over Picture Trump Just Shared

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On Monday, former President Donald Trump employed the Truth Social platform as a means to reaffirm his fervent criticisms of Chris Christie. The aforementioned image of Christie was presented in an unfavorable light, accompanied by a clear and concise caption that avoided any ambiguity.

Trump ripped into Christie, stating, “Not fit for office, mentally or physically. We need strong people not suffering from a harsh terminal disease, TDS, TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME!!!”

The message swiftly garnered widespread interest, representing yet another example of Trump’s persistent engagement with his political opponents on social media.

Christie’s performance during the Wednesday debate was notably characterized by controversy. The audience, comprised primarily of Trump supporters, reacted angrily to his remarks, particularly his implication that the former president might be deemed a “convicted felon” prior to the upcoming election.

“I want you all to kind of picture in your minds Election Day. You’ll all be heading to the polls to vote, and that’s something that Donald Trump will not be able to do, because he will be convicted of felonies before then and his right to vote will be taken away,” Christie asked of the audience.

“You know, look, here’s the bottom line. You can boo about it all you like and continue to deny reality, but if we deny reality as a party we’re going to have four more years of Joe Biden.”

People responded to Christie’s notion on social media:

After enduring a degrading incident on stage at the hands of Megyn Kelly, Chris Christie retired to a commercial break during the fourth GOP debate in order to privately convey his firm convictions to her.

Exclusively obtained by Noah Griffith, the footage portrays Christie issuing a reprimand to Kelly.


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