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IRS Whistleblowers Release New Bombshell Evidence Against Bidens, DOJ And AG Garland

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Now we know with absolute certainty how fraudulent the Democrat administration of Joe Biden is, including his Department of Justice, which has been exposed for concealing evidence of tax offenses committed by “first son” Hunter Biden.

This week, it was disclosed that the IRS pursued felony charges against Hunter and sent their recommendations to the Biden DOJ, but the situation was whitewashed and ‘came out as two misdemeanors,’ as Byron York tweeted.

We now know and have evidence that United States Attorney David Weiss recently halted the prosecution of Hunter in two distinct jurisdictions.

Last year, according to Rep. Jason Smith (R-MO), chairman of the US House Ways and Means Committee, Weiss attempted to be appointed as a special counsel in the case but was thwarted.

ZeroHedge provided additional information:

According to the whistleblowers, one of whom is Gary Shipley – who came forward to reveal his identity weeks ago – the IRS was notified of potential evidence “in the guest house of former Vice President Biden,” but was rebuffed by US Attorney Lesley Wolf, who stated that a search warrant “would ever get approved.”

“Whistleblowers describe how the Biden Justice Department intervened and overstepped in a campaign to protect the son of Joe Biden by delaying, divulging, and denying an ongoing investigation into Hunter Biden’s alleged tax crimes,” said Smith in a statement. “The testimony shows tactics used by the Justice Department to delay the investigation long enough to reach the statute of limitations, evidence they divulged sensitive actions by the investigative team to Biden’s attorneys, and denied requests by the U.S. Attorney to bring charges against Biden.”

During seven hours of testimony before the Ways and Means Committee, the testimony of Shipley and another whistleblower implicates both Attorney General Merrick Garland and IRS Commissioner Daniel Werfel in misrepresenting to Congress about political interference in the Biden investigation.

“Whistleblower One’s story was corroborated by Whistleblower Two,” said Rep. Kevin Hern (R-OK).

“One individual came forward and laid out the full case of what’s going on. The second individual, through his attorney, asked Ways and Means to contact him and ask for testimony. So we didn’t seek these, they sought us,” added Rep. Greg Murphy (R-NC).

As Techno Fog also reported on the details via The Reactionary;

“With the rejection from the DC US Attorney, the team sought the approval to bring tax charges for years 2016-2019 in the Central District of California. Shapley concluded that “the Central District of California declined to allow charges to be brought there.”

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

The rejection to bring charges in DC and California stands in stark contrast to the testimony of Attorney General Garland, who in March of 2023 stated that US Attorney Weiss had the full authority to “bring cases in other jurisdictions.” Garland also said that he personally would ensure that Weiss could “carry out his investigation and that he [would] be able to run it.” Both those statements now appear to be false. CONTINUE READING…

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