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Is Hunter Biden Ratting Out Papa Joe to Cut a Deal?

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Let’s begin with the facts surrounding the “discovery” of secret U.S. Government papers, including Top Secret and Sensitive Compartmented Information (also known as SCI):

1.The documents were “discovered” in early November 2022 by lawyers ostensibly working for Joe Biden..
2.The documents were discovered at locations that Hunter Biden could enter or leave at will.
3.Hunter Biden currently is the target of an investigation by the Delaware U.S. attorney and faces potential charges for information contained on his laptop.
4.There is no requirement for Secret Service to keep a list of visitors for Hunter Biden.

Initially, I hypothesized that the release of these materials was part of a scheme to get rid of Joe Biden in advance of the fiasco in Ukraine and make room for a new Democratic contender in 2024. However, I was perplexed as to why Joe Biden’s attorneys did not delete the materials.

If the attorneys were indeed working for Joe Biden, we still do not have a satisfactory explanation for why they searched Joe’s office and home for records. What brought about this?

The most plausible explanation for Hunter Biden’s knowledge of these documents is that his father removed them during his final days as vice president. These records assisted Hunter in identifying clients and securing transactions in Ukraine, China, and elsewhere. And Joe Biden benefitted directly from these transactions (e.g. 10% for the Big Guy).

Joe might assert that he made a mistake by not safeguarding the documents when he took them. He can also assert that he was unaware that his son was secretly accessing classified material. Hunter is attempting to purchase the prosecutor’s favor by exposing the existence of these documents. I have every confidence that Joe and Hunter will deny culpability for this security breach. Joe and Hunter may expose Chief of Staff Ron Klain or a lower-ranking staff member as the scapegoat for the theft of these data.

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