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IT BEGINS: Arizonans Call for a New Legitimate Midterm Election on December 6

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A coalition of Arizona’s citizens and organized grassroots groups have issued a list of demands for a new and fair election, and will begin petitioning the government on Wednesday. They are appalled by the overwhelming amount of voter fraud and corruption by election officials in last week’s elections in Arizona, and are demanding a new election.

If their requests are not satisfied, they intend to show up in force to continue peacefully demanding action and a restoration to some kind of electoral integrity.

Jim Hoft reported for Gateway Pundit on the announcement of one group’s plans to obtain a new election in the state:

The Arizona election is a total mess. It’s full of corruption in almost every area. It is uncertifiable as a result. A new free and fair election is demanded.

Katie Hobbs, who is running for governor in this election, should have recused herself, but her conflict of interest was overlooked.

The same individuals that participated in the uncertain 2020 Election also participated in this election. They should have been eliminated as well.

The 2020 Election will utilize the same methods with lingering unsolved issues.

Consequently, a group of Arizona residents issued a statement demanding for a fresh election Friday night. They urge that this election be held on December 6 in the state.

This audacious assertion has validity and precedence.

In the United States, there have been numerous instances of rerun elections over the past two decades.

The leaflet reads:

We want a true midterm election in Arizona immediately, with three strikes against secretary Hobbs and Maricopa County, and Maricopa County and its leaders are actively opposing. Between ballot stuffing and drawer three, the will of Arizona voters. The 30% failure rate of voting machines on Election Day and inexplicable lengthy ballot counting delayed the election. And Arizona is unreliable.

The track record of ineptitude and obstruction by Arizona’s election officials and Secretary of State Katie Hobbs through several elections demonstrates that they cannot be trusted.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

We, the people of Arizona, deserve better, and we demand better demands for remedy, include:

1) We immediately demand the following, a special Master assigned to oversee the election in Arizona, removing Katie, Hobbs, Bill Gates, and Stephen Riker, from the election, oversight number to conduct a new election and Arizona on December 6th 2022, CONTINUE READING…

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