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It Literally Looks Like Someone Hit the Pause Button on Biden in This Devastating Video

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President Joe Biden’s first — and maybe only — midterm election as chief executive is barely weeks away. This is the moment when Obama should be running down the final mile, attempting to persuade America to give the Democrats a second chance and minimizing the harm of a hypothetical “red wave” election.

Instead, Sleepy Joe is once again going viral for appearing to be in need of a long snooze.

This time, it occurred on Monday during a White House event promoting the administration’s student debt relief plan. Biden, appearing with Education Secretary Miguel Cardona, lashed out at Republicans, claiming they are “against helping millions of hardworking middle-class Americans” and were “trying to do everything they can to deny this relief, even to their own constituents.”

“As I said, we’ve received nearly 10,000 letters from across the country,” the president said.

“A woman in Colorado wrote. She grew up, she said, on school lunch and food stamp programs, started working at age 13, and on her way to college, to a good job, until she was injured in an accident and couldn’t find full-time work. She said her student loan debt was weighing her down, but now she can, quote, breathe again.”

No mention of the uncountable millions of Americans who will have to pay for her student loans because they either paid them off or elected not to attend college, or how well they will be able to breathe when they receive their tax bills.

But I digress. This only applies to federal student loans. One reporter questioned Biden on his way out if there would be any assistance for these debtors.

She seems to have hit the pause button on the president, as Turning Point USA’s Benny Johnson noted:

Meanwhile, as Biden was on pause, Cardona said the White House was “working on pathways there to support those, but we’re moving as quickly as possible to provide relief to as many people as possible.”

More on this story via The Western Journal:

These were apparently the magic words to unpause the president, who gave the thumbs up and walked off.

Again, this means nothing in isolation. Not only have Biden’s gaffes begun appearing with greater regularity when he needs them the least, but in many cases, he seems tired and distracted — the exact opposite of what one would expect of a political athlete who needs to cross the finish line strong this November. CONTINUE READING…

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