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It’s Official! Trump Says He’s ENDING IT!

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In an impassioned address to his supporters, former President Donald Trump vowed assiduously to end what he termed the “conflict against Christians” within the United States. The individual conveyed dissent towards the policies enacted during the Biden administration and made a solemn commitment to reestablish religious liberty and maintain Christian values should he retake office.

“As soon as I get back in the Oval Office, I’ll also immediately end the war on Christians,” Trump said. “I don’t know if you feel it. You have a war. There’s a war under crooked Joe Biden. Christians and Americans of faith are being persecuted and government has been weaponized against religion like never before.”

“They’ve targeted conservative parents of school board meetings who don’t want filth taught to their children. It’s filth. What they’re teaching in schools is filth.”

Trump claimed that Biden’s administration has exhibited a disconcerting tendency to single out Catholics, drawing parallels to tactics employed by totalitarian regimes. The speaker referenced a report by the House Judiciary Committee and contended that it furnished substantiation for the FBI’s erroneous classification of Catholics as possible domestic terrorists.

The House Judiciary Committee recently obtained a document disclosing that the FBI targeted conservative Catholics, whom they believed to be potential domestic terrorists, for their surveillance efforts. This was more exhaustive than was previously recognized.

In spite of FBI Director Christopher Wray’s assertion that the surveillance was limited to a solitary field office, documents unveiled evidence of cross-country collaboration between the FBI Richmond Field Office and other field offices.

Trump vowed that the government would never be used to discriminate against Christians or other individuals who hold religious beliefs during his entire term in office. As Trump makes arrangements to potentially reclaim the White House, the protection of religious liberties remains a cornerstone of the Make America Great Again (MAGA) platform.

There was no shortage of immediate reactions:

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