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It’s OVER For CNN – Leading Journalist Found Embedded With Hamas

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A considerable number of journalists, spanning across different eras, have garnered notoriety for their overt anti-Israeli bias. Nonetheless, a noteworthy example pertains to Hassan Eslaiah, a self-identified Palestinian photojournalist.

Recent disclosures suggest that Eslaiah is an admirer and supporter of the extremist organization Hamas.

Eslaiah was in the company of the assailants as they entered Israel on October 7, where they subsequently initiated acts of violence within the kibbutzim. The subject recorded the atrocities perpetrated by the terrorist organization’s members, exhibiting a conspicuous sense of gratification. The individual witnessed acts of severe violence, which encompassed the execution of neonates, the burning of children, the torture and sexual assault of young females, the assassination of parents while their children were present, and the burning of children in the presence of their parents.

The individual bore witness to occurrences in which members of Hamas subjected Jewish people to genitalia, breasts, and eye mutilation, both during their lifetime and after their demise. The participant was present throughout the entire incident and conveyed their agreement. This person fulfilled the role of a photojournalist, supplying photographs to two internationally renowned news organizations that relied significantly on his contributions.

Unsurprisingly, he abstained from transmitting any visual records of the most abhorrent acts of violence that he came across. The individual’s threshold for observing atrocities was surpassed by the sight of heaps of victims, in contrast to the conflagration that befell Israeli tanks. Nevertheless, he could not tolerate atrocities such as neonatal amputations, gouged-out eyes, or the torment and subsequent rape that resulted in the demise of young women.

Maayan Jaffe-Hoffman’s Jerusalem Post article “Crossing the lines of integrity with a Hamas-praising photojournalist – analysis” provides additional information concerning Hassan Eslaiah.

CNN hired the photojournalist who just three days before posted videos and photos of himself inside Israel during the Hamas massacre, including with an Israeli tank and a room of bloody, dead bodies.

Gaza photojournalist Hassan Eslaiah crossed into Israel on October 7 to document the Hamas massacre of more than 1,200 Israelis. His photos from the scene appeared on several international news outlets, including The Associated Press, the Jerusalem-based watchdog HonestReporting has said.

The watchdog’s story sparked a series of questions and international outcry, ultimately leading to his being let go from the two institutions. [CNN and AP]

However, CNN said in a statement last week that their working relationship with the freelancer began after the October 7 terrorist attacks on Israel, on October 10. It also noted that despite its decision to stop working with Eslaiah, it did not have “any reason to doubt the journalistic accuracy of the work he has done for us,” as reported by Ynet and confirmed by The Jerusalem Post.

On October 7, Eslaiah, nevertheless, conveyed a readiness to furnish AP and CNN with photographs portraying Israeli casualties, including troops that perished in Gaza. On the same day, Eslaiah abstained from disseminating any visual representations that portrayed Israelite acts of torture, mutilation, or decapitation.

In the time period subsequent to his arrival in Gaza on October 7th, he exhibited a notable propensity for distributing photographs portraying Palestinian children in their deceased state, favoring those that featured explicit imagery and significant amounts of blood.

The impairment of appendages manifested as improved attributes. Photographs were taken of infants that had passed away. The infants were encased in white fabric and were being carried by their bereaved mothers, who were overwhelmed with uncontrollable grief.

Furthermore, photographs were taken of residential complexes, educational institutions, and places of worship after they were demolished as a result of Israeli military operations. Nevertheless, the absence of any substantiated evidence against the existence of a vast network of subterranean passageways intended for illicit activities beneath these edifices was noted.

A recurring motif in the photographer’s body of work are also photographs of despondent Palestinian adolescent boys gazing upon the ruins of their residential areas. Hassan Eslaiah intended to create a sense of compassion for the Palestinian people through the use of his camera.

It has been confirmed by The Post that Eslaiah’s dismissal was not attributable to his performance on the 7th, but rather to a separate yet interrelated matter.

The extent to which CNN was cognizant of Eslaiah’s Telegram posts prior to granting him employment is still unknown.

Had CNN and the Associated Press undertaken comprehensive investigations, they might have discovered Eslaiah’s fervor regarding the “glorious morning” of October 7, when Hamas dealt the Zionist forces a substantial setback. It is regrettable that the individuals tasked with Eslaiah’s recruitment failed to conduct a comprehensive investigation prior to his employment. It is difficult to accept the distressing possibility that these news organizations were cognizant of his Hamas support and his participation in accompanying the organization’s operatives during their assaults on the kibbutzim; they displayed indifference towards these facts.

The Jerusalem Post added:

However, by scrolling through Eslaiah’s personal Telegram channel, the Post has found that Eslaiah posted much more than a tank on the 7th, including items that indicate that not only did he likely know about the planned massacre before it began at around 6:30 a.m., but that he supported the deaths of the innocent Israelis he watched being murdered.

Eslaiah’s first post on October 7 was at 5:59 a.m.: “We wake up to the great gifts of God,” he posted, according to a translation by ChatGPT. “The spirit has returned, and our blessings have increased.”

Within half an hour, he is posting about the rockets being launched at Israel and the sounds of the Iron Dome intercepting them over Khan Yunis. Then, between 6:55 a.m. and 8:30 a.m., he posts multiple variations: “To follow the latest news moment by moment, follow me on my media platforms.”…

At 9:25 a.m., the most gruesome of posts is revealed: a video with his watermark: “Filmed by Hassan Eslaiah” in the center, depicting a room full of dead, bloody bodies.

This particular video does not appear to have been published anywhere else. In the background, you hear a calm voice that sounds like his from other videos, and is spoken in his Arabic dialect, stating the following: “[Animal] carcasses, carcasses. God is great. This is the path to Jerusalem.”…

Hassan Eslalah characterized the deceased Israelis as “animal carcasses.” Subsequently, the individual exclaims “Allahu Akbar,” which translates to “God is Great,” and makes reference to the purportedly newly accessible “path to Jerusalem” facilitated by Hamas.

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