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Ivanka Attacked For Who She Was Seen With In Private During Trump Trials

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It became abundantly apparent that the conflict with those who oppose Trump’s endeavors to “drain the swamp” had begun as former President Donald Trump continued his dispute over dubious election voting in 2020.

Threats directed at Trump and other elements of the political conflict caused younger members of his family to withdraw from public view; the former president subsequently substituted other members of his inner circle in their place.

In the past, the younger Trump’s social circle of acquaintances received little attention; however, it appears that the media is now scrutinizing their presence, despite the fact that they are no longer prominent in his public appearances.

Ivanka Trump, the daughter of Trump, recently attended a birthday celebration for one of her longstanding friends, and her presence at that event garnered considerable attention.

SheKnows reported:

Kim Kardashian’s 43rd birthday bash was packed to the brim with A-listers, from her reality star sisters (except for expecting Kourtney Kardashian) to Lauren Sanchez. And while a lot of the stars in attendance were ones you’d typically expect, there’s one many were shocked was in attendance.

Hint: they’re one of Donald Trump’s kids.

Give up? It was Ivanka Trump!

In case you missed it, Ivanka was seen leaving Funke restaurant on the night of Oct 20 in a sparkling two-piece look, along with matching cream Christian Louboutin shoes.

And while she was leaving, she was asked a question that many have been wondering: Is she afraid of testifying during her father Donald’s ongoing trial?

Per DailyMail, when she was asked this, she ignored the question and continued walking to her car. While Donald has been going through numerous trials, the Trump Card author has mostly stayed out of the public eye.

It is evident that the gossip posters have been oblivious to the fact that Ivanka has been occupied with her family and away from public view for some time. It is unsurprising that Ivanka refrained from commenting, given that the occasion was a social gathering—not a political one—a friend’s birthday celebration.

Ivanka and Kim have maintained a longstanding friendship, and they have been spotted and documented together on numerous occasions.

SheKnows noted that per Hello, insiders told numerous outlets that “Kim and Ivanka have been friends for years; she’s someone Kim respects; even when they’ve been on different sides politically, they’ve never let that affect their friendship.”

In the legal proceeding between New York Attorney Leticia James and former President Donald Trump, Ivanka was scheduled to testify as a witness, given her prior experience as the Trump Organization’s executive vice president. Hers was one of twenty-eight names submitted for possible call in September in the case.

James had previously included Ivanka on his list of defendants in the case.

This past Thursday night, she asked the court to “throw out the New York Attorney General’s subpoena for her to take the stand after she was previously dismissed form the case,” Forbes reported.

Forbes noted:

“An appeals court dismissed Ivanka Trump from the case in June, ruling the claims against her in the lawsuit, from before she left the Trump Organization in early 2017, were barred by the statute of limitations.”

Forbes reports that James continues to attempt to compel her to testify at the trial by serving subpoenas to multiple corporate entities affiliated with the ex-president’s daughter.

Ivanka’s attorneys contend that her presence in the case is irrelevant. Their contention is linked to the circumstance that a prior summary judgment rendered by Judge Arthur Engoron limited the range of issues that could be resolved during the trial, thereby precluding Ivanka from participating.

Still, James does not surrender his efforts. The attorney general’s office will file a motion to compel Ivanka’s appearance on Friday, according to an email.

Her attorneys answered, “The [attorney general’s office], which never deposed Ms. Trump, is effeectively trying to force her back into this case from which she was dismissed by a unanimous decision of the Appellate Division, First Department.”

Bennet Moskowitz, Ivanka’s attorney, added that the subpoenas ought to be dismissed for lack of appropriate service and because the attorney general lacks the authority to compel Ivanka Trump, an individual who no longer resides in New York, to provide testimony.

The filing states in regart to that, ” The NYAG knows this, which is why it has subpoenaed three corporate entities as an end-run around its failure to pursue Ms. Trump’s deposition when it had the chance.”

The subject will be the subject of a hearing the following week.

The endeavors to compel Ivanka to provide testimony appear to be equally desperate as the attempts to link her father to immoral activity.

It is anticipated that sons of the former president, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, will testify during the trial proceedings, which are scheduled to last until mid-December. James has included both sons on his list of defendants in the ongoing case.

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