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Jack Smith and Joe Biden Both Will Be Impacted by MTG’s Latest Plan – It Would Sever the Most Powerful Connection Between the Two

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Today, the “special counsels” of the Department of Justice appear more like special police who would also like to be special judges, juries, and executioners.

To be considered by Justice Czar Merrick Garland as a “special counsel” appointee, one must either be a full-fledged progressive sycophant or suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome, or both.

While many Republicans sit back and observe — either because they are stunned by the unprecedented audacity of the progressive weaponization of the DOJ, don’t care, or have a touch of Trump Derangement Syndrome themselves — other Republicans see an urgent need to halt it as soon as possible.

Georgia Republican congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene has a proposal to halt the DOJ from abusing special counsels.

Her strategy is enticing due to its simplicity: Follow the money, idiot!

Thursday, Greene discussed the concept on the podcast “John Solomon Reports,” hosted by John Solomon, the originator of the news website Just the News.

Green’s plan could stop weaponized special counsels such as those of Jack Smith and David Weiss — the former charged with destroying Donald Trump so he can never be president again, and the latter charged with shielding President Joe Biden and his son Hunter from being held accountable for the rising tide of corruption, influence-peddling, and bribery.

Greene asserts that her approach is grounded in common sense — not politics but the Constitution.

In this situation, there is no reason why it cannot be both.

The interview is provided below. The crucial portion begins around the 8:15 mark.

In short, Greene wants “to move control of special counsel funding from the Department of Justice to Congress,” according to Just the News.

“To fund a special counsel right now … the people that have control of that is the Department of Justice itself,” Greene said on the podcast (about the 9:15 mark in the audio above. “You hear people yell, ‘Defund Jack Smith,’ and I’ve said it before myself. But we are unable to do it because the Department of Justice controls that slush fund.

“My legislation would give Congress the authority and the power to fund special counsels every single year, just like all of our other appropriation bills,” she continued.

“This is actually the constitutional way, because Congress is in charge of the checkbook, not the Department of Justice itself,” Greene said. “I had talked about it with President Trump because I wanted him to understand that this is actually not political, to move it back to Congress. Because the Democrat-controlled Congress would have control of that just as much as a Republican-controlled Congress would have.”

In the past couple of years, accusations of a two-tiered justice system have become common knowledge. From selective prosecutions by special counsel Jack Smith, who is prosecuting Donald Trump in his bid to regain the presidency, to the FBI labeling traditional Catholics as “extremists,” to U.S. Attorney for Delaware (and now special counsel) David Weiss negotiating a sweetheart deal for Hunter Biden, the Department of Justice is not even attempting to conceal its rabid political bias.

McCarthy, an author and columnist for National Review who served as an assistant U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York and is not a supporter of Trump, has repeatedly criticized Weiss’ performance.

“The best thing the younger Biden’s defense has going for it is not the Supreme Court,” McCarthy wrote in a column on Tuesday. “It’s the prosecutor.”

National Review editor-in-chief Rich Lowry penned a piece in August titled, “Jack Smith Is a Fanatic.” Lowry wrote that Smith “is in all likelihood a Liz Cheney–style zealot driven by a burning hatred of Donald Trump and all he represents.”

In other words, the special counsels are only concerned with the law as a means to an end. They will do anything they can get away with to achieve their goals.

It is insane for Biden’s Department of Justice to finance special counsels who resemble cornered canines attempting to avoid euthanasia. Everyone is aware that there is little that can be done for a venomous dog other than to kill it. In this situation, it is best to starve them to death by withholding funds.

“I believe that’s the right thing to do – to put it back under Congress’s authority,” Greene said about her plan to move control of special counsel funding from the Department of Justice to Congress. “And it also gives us the power to actually defund Jack Smith or remove David Weiss if we have the financial controls over special counsel.”

In other words, Greene’s plan would sever the strongest tie between Biden and Smith — the money that enables Smith’s persecutions.

Greene posted a video on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, at the end of August that demonstrates she has been considering the plan for some time.

“I will not vote to fund the government if Congress doesn’t do this: – Impeachment Inquiry vote on Joe Biden – Defund Biden’s weaponization of government – Eliminate all COVID vaccine and mandates – No funding for the war in Ukraine,” she wrote.

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