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This week, electoral donation harvesting, a lesser-known election fraud practice, may receive explosive exposure if investigative journalist James O’Keefe plays up to his reputation for revealing major fraud in the past.

Although Ballot Harvesting methods have been uncovered for years, it is generally acknowledged that the Democrats have a huge network of Non-Profits, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), and grass-roots groups that will unlawfully generate and transport election votes in swing states.

According to independent media sources that have researched the enormous quantity of donations claimed for Democrat candidates, this pattern of dishonest behavior is also occurring with campaign fundraising.

According to Joe Hoft’s report dated early December 2022, “Campaign Finance Mule” networks of Democrats have been found contributing hundreds or possibly thousands of donations annually.

“Between October 20 and November 16, Georgia Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock collected $52.2 million for his re-election, more than double the fundraising amount of his opponent, Republican Herschel Walker.

Warnock, the most successful federal candidate in terms of fundraising during the 2022 election cycle, spent $39.2 million within the same time frame, nearly double Walker’s expenditures. The incumbent ended the time with $29.7 million in financial reserves.

However, Walker raised a substantial sum throughout this fundraising period: $20.9 million. His campaign concluded with $9.8 million remaining after spending $16.5 million.

It comes out that millions of dollars were supplied to candidates such as Raphael Warnock by “money mules” from throughout the nation. Warnock was the biggest benefactor of this money distribution system among all Democratic candidates for 2022.

Chris Gleason, an engineer, launched his first data project regarding elections in April 2022. The initiative was connected to the midterm elections of 2022. Chris had been involved in technology and statistics for the duration of his professional career, but he had never used his knowledge to a political endeavor.

The objective was to assess who was most likely to vote for which candidate and how likely they were to support certain politicians and issues.

What he and a few others found was that the state of Washington had a vast network of campaign funding mules. They found large numbers of registered voters in Washington State who gave thousands of dollars to Democratic party candidates and progressive PACs around the country. Individual contribution amounts were modest. Their contributions were tiny and had been designed to avoid raising red flags.

These “Money Mules” were not affluent people. They were typical Americans living in a typical home in a typical neighborhood. Or at least that appears to be the case. Through the data, the investigating team discovered several trends and red flags. One of the largest red flags was that all of these Washington State campaign finance mules had made contributions to Raphael Warnock in Georgia.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

Another massive pattern discovered was that these very active donors were all unemployed. It appeared that their full-time job was making donations to Democrat candidates and their campaigns. CONTINUE READING…

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