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Jan. 6 Trial Paused Due to FBI Allegedly Altering Evidence

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FBI agents allegedly attempted to alter and destroy evidence that would have cleared an American citizen of being charged with faked crimes of domestic terrorism in a series of trials beginning on January 6, 2021, at the US Capitol, which has become a rallying crime for the Administrative State to punish the American people for supporting populist President Donald J. Trump.

On that fateful day in 2021, when millions of People used their right to petition the government, strong forces assembled in Washington, D.C. to build a narrative that populists were violent and planned a violent rebellion to destroy the United States government.

While individuals awaited trials for two years, the media and the RINO-Democrat axis bombarded the public with reports that Trump supporters engaged in treasonous activity.

A number of members of the Proud Boys, a men’s drinking club, have been on trial for nearly six weeks on allegations of seditious conspiracy.

Yet the FBI appears to be busted.

The trial of Dominic Pezzola, one of the defendants in the Capitol hack on January 6, 2021, was postponed on Thursday owing to the disclosure of secret FBI texts that, according to the defense counsel, indicate FBI agents discussing the alteration of evidence.

Pezzola is one of the Proud Boys members on trial for obstruction and conspiracy in relation to the January 6 breach of the Capitol. On January 15, 2021, he was apprehended and indicted the same month. The trial of Pezzola began in January of this year.

“There are a couple of emails between FBI agents casually discussing altering a document and destroying hundreds of pieces of evidence. It’s very disturbing and right now we have more questions than answers,” Roger Roots, an attorney at John Pierce Law, wrote to The Epoch Times. Roots confirmed that Washington District Court Judge Timothy J. Kelly, a Trump appointee, paused the trial on Thursday due to the leaked messages.

Wednesday’s evidence of FBI special agent Nicole Miller, who was involved in the agency’s investigations of the January 6 defendants, revealed the interaction to which Roots alluded.

Nick Smith, the attorney for Proud Boys member Ethan Nordean (identified as a co-defendant in Pezzola’s case), disclosed secret FBI communications concealed in an Excel tab during cross-examining Miller. According to the EPOCH Times, Roots’s team submitted a request to dismiss (pdf) the allegations against Pezzola on Wednesday, citing this evidence.

In the motion, Pezzola’s team said the emails showed that the FBI monitored communications between Nordean and his lawyer, violating the Sixth Amendment, which prohibits invasions of the right to counsel (Matter of Fusco v. Moses).

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

“In the Nordean case, confidential attorneys-client trial/defense strategy and position was wrongfully obtained by the government, about which was overheard, shared, utilized, where potentially ‘338 items of evidence’ were ordered to be ‘destroyed,’ said Pezzola’s legal team in the motion to dismiss. CONTINUE READING…

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