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Jane Fonda Gets Bad News After Disturbing Murder Comment – It Involves the Police

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Rep. Anna Paulina Luna of Florida, a Republican, has reported Jane Fonda to the U.S. Capitol Police for suggesting “murder” as a means of dealing with Republicans who oppose abortion.

Fonda appeared on ABC’s “The View” last Friday when the debate went into homicidal area when she reacted to the revocation of Roe v. Wade’s abortion limits.

Fonda’s bloodlust was triggered by the sheer realization that abortion is now illegal in many states. She proposed that Democrats may begin murdering adult Republicans.

“We’re not going back. I don’t care what the laws are. We’re not going back,” she said of protecting the abortion industry.

Fonda said, “I’ve thought of murder,” when asked what women may do to oppose limits on abortion.

She then reiterated the proposal and, in response to the resulting criticism, dismissed the situation as “hyperbole,” according to the Independent.

According to Luna, Fonda unsurprisingly led a psychopath to target her office with a threat. The lawmaker criticized both the actress and ABC for their Twitter comments.

“I have notified Capitol Police of Jane Fonda’s call to murder pro-life politicians,” Luna tweeted. “I am a pro-life member of Congress. As she did not retract or clarify that she was ‘joking’ with her statement, we are taking this threat as a serious one.“

Luna said, “Jane Fonda and The View, must issue a full retraction of Fonda’s sickening call to murder pro-life politicians and those who fight for the rights of unborn babies.”

“This leads to targeting and can result in someone being seriously hurt,” she pointed out.

Luna concluded, “The View should be ashamed that they condone violence, especially against women elected officials as we are already targeted way more for stalking and violence way more than our male counterparts.”

The first-term congresswoman told Fox News host Jesse Watters on Monday that someone issued a threat to her through a comment on a video of Fonda’s spot on “The View.” CONTINUE READING…

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