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Janitors’ union called a strike outside Twitter, so Elon Musk canceled its contract and fired the janitors

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African-American Elon Musk, the newest CEO of the social media behemoth Twitter, is demonstrating to the radical American left how America used to treat people who refused to work ethically for their pay by treating them as they deserve and firing them without regard for the political pressure placed on him to comply with their agenda.

Musk is a native of South Africa, a country that has been besieged by Marxist-Leftists, including the work of radical far-left American Community Organizers, for decades – with the goal of destroying the prosperity of White South Africans and the beautiful country – so he is familiar with their schemes.

In other words, Musk is making it quite apparent that he is not the huckleberry of the Marxist left.

In a recent round of terminations, media sources indicate that a union of janitors called a strike outside the Twitter offices, so Musk canceled their contract and dismissed the janitors.

“Janitors hired to clean at Twitter headquarters in San Francisco, California, protested after 20 employees were fired, so the social media company bought by Elon Musk fired the rest of them,” The Blaze reported, adding:

“Critics of Musk are outraged that he would fire the workers just weeks before Christmas.”

“The world’s richest man is facing legal wrath on several fronts, with janitors picketing the Market Street headquarters, canned employees lawyering up, and the city investigating illegal sleeping quarters in the office building,” the Marxist ‘labor union’ reported on Twitter attempting to threaten Musk.

“Our cleaning contractor at Twitter was told by Twitter that they are cutting the contract,” said Olga Miranda, union president for the janitors. “So we have about 48 families out of work. And it just so happens that it’s three weeks before Christmas.”

There are no news articles that inquire why the union pulled the political stunt so close to Christmas.

The New Republic was informed by a spokesman of SEIU Local 87 that 20 janitors were fired without warning on Friday and that they were battling for pay, “benefits and work safeguards.”

Monday, the union planned a walkout with the remaining janitors in response to the firings, claiming that the corporation violated municipal cleaning standards. In addition, they reported being locked out of the building.

In a press release from the Marxist group, the community organizers who were attempting to pressure Musk reported:

“Prior to his acquisition of Twitter, billionaire inheritee Elon Musk had long had a reputation for flouting laws and rules. But he was largely able to get away with this, because the arm of the law which he continuously flouted was the U.S. Securities Exchange Commission, who were largely toothless in applying consequences.

But now Musk’s new Twitter is facing legal issues on other fronts, and his ability to evade these kinds of issues are less proven. A group of jilted janitors has been picketing Twitter headquarters, and separately, a number of laid-off employees are lawyering up to make sure they get their promised severance packages that seem to not be materializing. Plus, there’s a city issue about some sleeping quarters that were allegedly set up in the building for those “hard-core” workers….”

Notice the Marxist political pressure goes all the way to the top of the US government:

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

The head community organizer of the Social Justice Janitor’s Union was making it pretty obvious with her bad acting skills that the poor janitors were doing nothing wrong and were just terminated for no reason when she told a very tiny group of interested people: CONTINUE READING…

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